Hello and welcome back to the blog. As you have probably seen I haven’t been blogging much – and this is all due to isolation. That is exactly how I have felt – isolated. I have also been kept very busy homeschooling a 6 year old and looking after (and massively entertaining a 3 year old at the same time). So blogging had to take a back seat.

But trying to keep everything positive – and due to the lockdown rules and regulations altering and changing every few weeks the kids have been able to see their friends and family – and things and made a positive progression. Which means I have some time to myself, and voila the blog can have some TLC. We have done a lot of arts and crafts (as well as school work) so I thought I would highlight an activity that both kids, and myself, absolutely loved!!! Marbling.

I spotted a few people doing this on Instagram and I thought I would give it a go and keep the items we marbled as a keep sake in the kids room as well as in our Covid Memory Box. So bare with me these images were taken back in April as we marbled items for Easter. The kids had such a great time and as the weather was so hot it was easy for the items to dry out in the sun. So I would recommend marbling on a warm or really hot day.

The first thing we did was decide what we wanted to marble and you can actually marble absolutely everything and anything. As it was Easter we made salt dough and used small Easter shaped cutters (which I had in my drawer, luckily) to make cute ornaments for our loved one. Once the salt dough was fully dry – we left it over night, so nearly 24 hours in total, and then we got everything ready to marble. All you need is a few chosen colours of nail varnishes. I had lots of old, unused nail varnishes so decided they would be great as I don’t need them anymore, a large bowl of water, a tea towel to keep the mess in place and something small to lean your pieces on once they are finished to dry. Always use gloves. I did not and it was a mission to get the nail varnish off. So that is a big top tip!

Step 1: Sprinkle some nail varnish into the bowl of water which can be 80% full. No pattern to it you can add lots of little. 2 colours or 20 depends on what you want as a result. Something quite calm and slightly marbled or something drastic and wild. We did 4/5 colours and the kids picked different colours for different people.

Then you simply get your item (that you want to marble) dip it in (make sure you are wearing gloves) swirl it around gently making sure the nail varnish catches onto the item and gently pull it out so the item is flat. If you take the item out straight and narrow – it can all drip off. Remember it is not meant to look perfect. The great thing about marbling is it is messy and it still looks amazing!

Step 2: Lay your items down on a napkin and in the sun or somewhere warm is better so they can dry faster. When they were dry I then turned them onto the other side so they can fully dry. I also placed them leaning on a bottle as I was worried the paint would come off. This worked a treat!

These were our Easter ornaments drying in the sun…

And our end results – we tidied a ribbon to our ornaments and sent them to our relatives in home made Easter cards.

And these were the remaining ornaments we had left that we saved in our Covid Memory Box…

This activity was one of the messiest but also the most fun thing I have done with the kids. I think it was because we made the salt dough ourselves and Lorenzo helped me but you can marble anything – pencil cases, shoes, tops and even hair accessories. If you are bored and have left over items you want jazzing up I highly recommend you do it. At least it uses up all those old nail varnishes you were going to get rid of!


Much Love.

Assuntina X

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