One thing I have been doing a lot of recently is shopping.

I kind of know the reason as I have been concentrating on my fitness a lot my clothes are starting to get loose so I have tried to buy a few bits here and there but not spend too much money. That is how I shop and it has worked well for me. I like to buy 1-2 items a month and slowly build up my seasonal wardrobe.

But I love love love a sale bargain. In fact I have certain rules when I shop as I don’t like throwing away money but like to invest in my clothing so I can wear it again and again. I shop on the high street but I also love finding new brands on Etsy and Instagram. I have also brought bags and shoes from Ebay, especially vintage. I love buying vintage pieces from Ebay.

Here are some of my rules… This is very personal so some of you might think I am crazy, however this might also help you if you feel you need some advice and some control on how you shop.

  1. I invest more in shoes and bags. Especially shoes. What I mean is I will always have more shoes. Your feet will never change size. Unless you gain a lot of weight or if you get pregnant – as the water retention will make your feet swell up and they will not get back to their original size. When I was pregnant with Khillian I went up to a size 7 from a 6. I kept all my old shoes but they do not fit so I had to buy new ones. When you style an outfit you should always start from the bottom. You can wear a LBD that is 6 years old but with a new pair of shoes you outfit with always look a thousand times more amazing. That is why it is ok to have lots of shoes. I have sandals that are 3 years old that I still love and wear. Buy shoes that are classics and you will keep them forever.
  2. Dresses for me need to be comfortable and able to be worn all year long. I love that I can layer a dress with a tshirt and wear in the cold months or wear it on the beach on holiday. You don’t have to buy a summer dress and only wear it in that season.
  3. BIG BIG BIG tip I never spend more than £25 on my clothes and accessories. A great reason for this is you can buy more. Instead of buying a dress for £60 I always think I could buy a dress and pair of shoes for that. It is not what you buy, its when you buy them – that is why buying in sale season works so well for me.

I love sales and we are lucky that in the retail industry there are a lot of sales on, all the time. So I thought I would show you some bits I have recently brought and what places to shop at that have some great sales.

Of course I have brought other bits but these are fresh in and some of them I haven’t even tried on. The bag is from New Look and I have had in my Love section online for months but thought I would wait as there was a chance it would decrease in price. That is a great tip – if you have apps for your online fav shops, which you sooooo should. You can like items and when you go back into the app you remember what you liked and decide whether to buy it or not. Sometimes I am not sure on an item so I sleep on it and always go back so that love button always helps me. This bag was £25.99 but I got it for £10! It was delivered over the weekend and I used it out that night. It is a great size, I love the mixed fabrics (it is rope and leather with wooden handles) and it also comes with a long strap. You can have a look at it here. It also comes in mint and purple.

I love it and am so glad I brought it in the sale. Its a great bag for the school run as well as date night and even a day out at the beach.

I try to buy from different shops and recently purchased some bits from – I have lots of clothes from them as I used to do their PR so I know how the clothes fit and they also have a great way of making clothes in great fabrics and just such cool and fun designs. I like picking items that have great hems, funky patterns and just pieces that are unique and I feel Very really do that well. I purchased 2 dresses from them (and have not tried them on yet). The great thing is that they have customer reviews on the items so the snakeskin dress I saw a lot of people say it fits really big in size so I down sized. However, they have NO other information on products – like length or even material which I didn’t like. But you win some you loose some. Here are the dresses…

You cannot go wrong with a little black dress and this one looks amazing. It has buttons down the front, making it look more expensive, pretty sleeves (great if you do not like your arms) and its a fabulous length. It is a little on the heavy side so I think great for that time of the summer when it is a windy day or when it transitions into Autumn. But it can be worn with tan sandals or even knee high boots.( LBD and Snakeskin dress links are attached here). Like I said I have not tried them on (I will leave that for stories) but they are great buys the LBD was £25 and I brought for £16.25 and the snakeskin dress was £38 and I brought it for £19.

I then went into New Look and brought this cute little lilac top for £5 I think it was £12.99 – I thought perfect for summer as I can throw it on for the school run and team in with culottes or a skirt on a hot day. They have lots of tops like this in store and in so many colours…

I cannot seem to find it online. It might be sold out but they have lots online that are similar – have a look here. The sunglasses I actually purchased last year on holiday in Greece. They were 10 Euros but I got them for 3. Showing that you can get a great bargain anywhere.

Now I wanted to let you know of the great shops I love that have amazing sales and on right now. Get your purses ready. These are place I shop at – a LOT. There are tones more.

  • New Look
  • H&M
  • Simply Be
  • Asos
  • River Island (and they also have great pieces for kids)
  • Oliver Bonas (amazing accessories)
  • George
  • F&F
  • Marks and Spencer

Now don’t blame me for your spending habits just enjoy. Much love.

Assuntina X

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