We moved into our house three years ago.

I was 6 month pregnant, a control freak and yes did everything myself. We were lucky in the sense that we barely needed to do anything. We painted 4 rooms and wallpapered one wall and my husband and I were happy with it. 3 years later we still love it.

The two rooms that were the most important were the kids rooms. Khillian in particular as we wanted him to feel safe, comfortable and at ease when he moved and slept in his bedroom. After day dreaming all day of pictures seen on Pinterest I knew exactly what I wanted and we decided on a nautical themed room. We always took him to the Cutty Sark, in Greenwich, when he was a toddler and he has always had a passion for adventure, pirates and living life on the edge. So I knew nautical was the theme for him.

I found this hanging anchor in Dunhelm whilst we were moving and loved it. I had stickers made when Khillian was preparing to go to school so decided to place one on the anchor. The greatest thing about this door decoration is that it is heavy. When we transitioned Khillian from cot to big boy bed and he tried to open the door we always heard him. So he never went very far.

My favourite part of my big mans rooms. This is his chest of drawers which sits opposite his bed. I brought it from Ikea and always wanted to paint it but it looks lovely just as the original wood. I think when he is older we will paint it to fit his personality. We keep on the wall above all special memories from birthdays, Christmas and all other happy occasions. I love it and always have. I brought the shelf from Ebay for £25.

The frame with the Mary Poppins quotes we gave to him on our wedding day, the King statue was my Nonna’s and Khillian loved it when she gave it to him she has had it for over 40 years and brought it at a market stall, the rocks we have collected from each beach, holiday and port we have visited over the years with him.

The jars of stars were from the first ever hanging lights we had in his nursery in our old house. I loved them so much and refuse to throw them away. The bunting I brought from a shop in Chlesea when I discovered I was having a boy and instantly we knew what his name would be. Other memories like the wooden horse was my Nonno’s from my dad side and was gifted to Khillian when he died. The mosaic dinosaur I fell in love with on our honeymoon and kept going back and debating whether to buy. I knew I would regret if I left it in the shop, it and to this day I still love it. Other objects are from our day trips to museums, engraved Christmas presents and the K crown he wore when he was baptised.

The boat in the corner I brought from Matalan when we were decorating his room and the Eiffel Tower lamp was in our room and a gift from my sister when I came back from our honeymoon to Paris. I love it but it was too bright in my room so I gave it to Khillian.

In regards to the paint work, I knew from the start that I wanted these dark blue walls. I thought they would look like waves. I love how modern they make the room look and I know in 5 years time Khillian will still adore his room due to this fun print on the wall. I simply got newspapers and green duck tape and placed the newspapers like points. The we painted up to the lines and all the way down to the skirting boards. When the paint was dry we took the newspapers off and it was perfect. I think we only did one coat too.

My eldest son is a collector, like me. He loves keeping things safe and I love that about him. A few months ago I told him I would get him a notice board and he can place all his favourite things on it. I used to love a notice board when I was a kid and this one was £14 from Etsy. He loves it and I think he also loves the responsibility of it too. Above his window are all our favourite pictures of family and places we have been. But I do have to change them as some of the images are still him of a baby and barely any of us as a family of 4. The frames were £2 from Ikea.

I love wooden toys – for Khillian’s 4th birthday my Godmother brought him this pirate ship. He has played with it but he doesn’t want to touch it as I think he also knows how cool and amazing it is. It is massive so we put it above his wardrobe, and I can see him at night staring at it before he falls sleep.

Next to Khillian’s bed he has a floor to ceiling shelving unit. We had it installed in our old house and loved it so much we then fitted it in his room and it worked out perfectly. I brought it from Ebay for £20. At the top we have his baby picture and baby scan along with books, his grow-clock (the kids have one each and we swear by it), seasonal and personalised book as well as all his favourite toys etc. Running along the shelf are these lights. He has had them since he was a baby and I brought them from Sainsburys. They have lasted so well. they stay on at night so his room has a nice glow. They are plug ins so no need for battery.

When we brought Khillian’s bed I knew I wanted this hardwear black one from Ikea (they still sell it and it comes in white too). It is strong and has these little corners to help kids not fall out of bed. We wrap lights around the bed at Christmas time and it is extendable so it actually turns into a teenager bed. We brought the mattress from Ikea too and it comes with the extended section. A great an affordable buy, I think it is £90. We have had it now for nearly three years with no complaints. Khillian has a winter and a summer duvet and it is not always nautical themed but I do buy the kids separate designs. It helps when I change the beds but they also have different interests. Khillian has nautical, sharks, superheros, firetrucks and robots. Always from Asda and Amazon. Great quality and so affordable. I also got Khillian the dream catcher when he was a little baby. He has always had it above his bed and understands what it does. Lorenzo has one and I brought from my niece too as I love what they represent and I love anything that looks after you and helps you sleep with ease.

I always utilise space as with kids you need as much storage as possible. Khillian has 2 double wardrobes in his room – one is his and one is the family wardrobe we put in coats, toys and other much needed crap in there. Behind his door I placed these adorable hooks from EBay. All nautical themed and I think they coast £8 for all three. Every season I change the coats and jackets on the doors so he can easily access them when we are on the go.

To finish off his room…If you haven’t noticed. I love pictures. All over my house and the kids rooms are full of them too. These pictures I made sure were all nautical to match the room and they are of us as a family when we went on holiday, on day trips and just being together making adventures. This frame is hanging off the side of the wardrobe in his room.

Now for my little man’s room – Lorenzo has the smallest bedroom in the house. He doesn’t mind. He still loves is and we have moved it around a few times but we have found the right layout and it has stuck.

When we were expecting Lorenzo I was in the middle of moving and was always very tired. Therefore, I knew I wanted his room to be very boho, relaxed and calm. I looked on Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and saw mint green walls in a picture with grey furniture, lots of wooden details and thought that is what I want. I wanted a woodland theme. I found this hanging feature on Etsy for £12 and knew this was what was going to help me decorate the room.

The boys have the same wardrobes. We brought all our wardrobes from the same company – we have them in our bedroom in white. I knew I wanted something different and fun for their rooms and when I saw the grey I ordered them quickly. The more storage the better. The bigger the wardrobes the better for us. We have never brought kids wardrobes as when they are teenagers you have to buy new ones again. We invested in big wardrobes and have never regretted it!

I brought these hanging frames from Primark when I was pregnant with Lorenzo – I think they cost no more than £4 each. They are great little pick me ups – especially when I was doing the night feeds. Above the wardrobes we brought these storage boxes for the boys in a pack of 6 from Ebay. They come in lots of colours and prints and I picked the boldest ones I could find.

Lorenzo’s memory wall. I was worried I would not find the same style shelving unit as Khillian’s but I got this from Ebay just after Lorenzo was born. On his shelf we have…a bucket with all his medicines – Calpol, Sudacrem etc as well as his Grow Clock (told you), memories from his baptism, trips away, gifts and more. I draped his lights around his shelving unit due to space and they are also plug ins that stay on at night – same as Khillian’s.

Just like Khillian, Lorenzo had a hat too on his baptism day and its the cloud hat on the top shelf. His Baptism had a aviation theme. We love a good accessory in our house.

This is on top of Lorenzo’s chest of drawers. I will let you into a secret – I love vintage furniture and I really love air looms and furniture or ornaments that once belonged to my family members. So when they get gifted to me I try and place them all over my house. This windmill lamp was mine and my sister’s when we were kids. We had it in our family home for years. When I was expecting Lorenzo my mum and me went back into our old house and looked into the attic. This windmill lamp was in there. I grabbed it and knew I wanted it in the baby’s room.

We cleaned it, added a new light bulb in and my dad changed the wire and plug (for safety) – and its my favourite thing in his room. So many memories for years to come. Above his chest of drawers I hung this adorable cactus garland which I brought for £8 on Etsy. I love buying things from small businesses and finding cute and unique finds. This is something I could not wait to add to his room. Just like this brother – we could not forget his scan picture and his pictures of when he was born.

Another task I made sure I did – at 8 months pregnant, in a heat wave, I painted this chest of drawers. These were cream and in Khillian’s nursery in our old house. I loved them then but knew I wanted Lorenzo’s furniture to be all grey. I went to Homebase and brought grey furniture paint and only needed 2 small tins. I did one coat on the chest of drawers and one on the cot. I am still so pleased with them.

I also changed the door handles. I brought these 8 from Ebay for under £15. I absolutely love this chest of drawers and every time I look it I am so proud of what I did and always remember how tired I felt painting it so heavily pregnant. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to finish it. I love the antique unfinished look of it. It ended up just as I wanted it to.

This is Lorenzo’s reading corner and he reads a lot. A lot of his books have been passed down from his brother, some I have brought just for him, lots were Christmas and Easter presents and a lot of books we take out from the library – because it is free and it is something I used to do a LOT when I was a child. The giraffe cushion is from H&M and the raccoon book box (which is on wheels) I got for £14 from Lidl a couple of years ago.

This is the cot that was Khillian’s and it does transition into a toddler bed. So when we move him into his big boy bed, which I am hoping will be in a good few months, I will paint those sections and he can have his new bed. I was thinking of buying a new bed but this cot bed is a 2 in 1 so it saves us money and I love it. I brought the dream catcher from Etsy for £7 – I knew I wanted to keep it neutral so I chose the white to stay with the boho theme.

The bumper is a Liberty style print and he has had it since he was born – I love the bright pretty colours as I don’t think that boys should have all blue and girls have everything all pink. It is also firm and holds up very well. Great for a toddler who moves in his sleep – a lot.

Lorenzo now has his own duvet (he used to sleep in the kids zip bags) and his duvet covers are very different to Khillian’s. He has all the animals, tractors, buses and anything you find on the farm. His room was inspired by nature and wildlife. He has a hot air balloon hanging decoration on the ceiling as I knew I wanted something peaceful and pretty for him to look at when he falls asleep – this was from Etsy and around £15.

On the back for Lorenzo’s door he also has these adorable animal hooks – to go with the theme of the room. I brought them from Ebay for £8 for all three and he loves looking at them. Its the little things that make the room.

I know it seems like a lot but spending little here and there can easily let you design the bedroom of yours and their dreams, and within budget. Here are some tips…

  1. Up-cycle anything and everything. Do not throw away furniture. See if you can paint it, cut it in half, add something to it. Paint can make anything look so different with just a little imagination.
  2. If you see a piece of furniture or chairs in the street or in a skip – knock on the door and ask if you can have it. Don’t be shy. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  3. Do not think you have to spend a lot of money to get the best things. That is a load of rubbish. I always buy high street and lot of items in my house are from Ebay and even Spock. I hate spending a lot of money on items I am not sure I will have for a long time like kids beds. Khillian’s cot bed was £100 from Ebay and we have had it for 6 years and 2 kids.
  4. If your family are getting rid of items – ask if you can have them. Champagne glasses, shelving units, chairs, rugs. Everything looks great after a wash and some TLC.
  5. Go to charity shops and second hand stores. Especially like me, if you love vintage. You can get 3 piece sofas and even dining room tables for a bargain price.
  6. Do not spend more than £18 on wallpaper. Trust me. It is not worth it.
  7. There are so many amazing high street shops. Do some research and look around. You can find amazing things in Asda, Wilkos, Dunhelm and HomeSense. I have never brought anything from Next or John Lewis. You can always find what you want for much cheaper in other high street well known shops.

I hope that helps and I would love to know what you think in the comment box and if you have any pictures of your upcycled furniture. I would love to see.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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