It is no lie that instead of expensive gifts I do prefer to spend my special occasions – birthdays and anniversaries, in particular, away with friends and family. The opportunity came and I booked a city break for my husband and I for our 3 year wedding anniversary. We were going to go somewhere really cold and I was thinking Prague – when everyone suggested Barcelona. It is a lovely city and we stayed right in the Gothic area – which was stunning in the day and night.

The weather was hot, 22-24 degrees, and while it was predicted thunder and rain clouds later in the week – they actually never came. We stayed for 3 nights (the longest away from the kids, but 2 nights was not enough to charge our batteries and catch up on loss sleep.) We arrived at lunch time, checked in, dropped off our bags, had a look at the views and went for lunch – – – -paella!


The city is truly beautiful with tall apartments – all windows having a balcony and the majority of the buildings all being hand painted with stunning designs.  


We decided to have a little walk and see what was around. We had the Cathedral near our lunch spot, which was beautiful. We were also very fortunate to have a stunning bakery / chocolaterie next to the hotel. We could not resist. 

Our first night was lovely and we ate on the rooftop of a museum in the middle of Barcelona. The views were bliss and the buildings around us were idealistic to look at. 

Second day in and after having a read of The Anna Edit’s Barcelona City Guide, which coincidentally she put on her stories when I was in the city, I had a read. Its a great guide and I highly recommend you have a read too if you are visiting the city. She recommended a great place for brunch – Milk. We went and it was amazing. As she mentions it the number one place to go to eat on Tripadvisor. We noticed ALL the restaurants in Barcelona are small – very small. Milk was no exception. We had to put our name down on the list, but luckily only waited 15 minutes.  


The lunch spot was amazing. The decor was so creative and unique and the food was just what we needed…


We both had burgers and potatoes and they were delicious and the best part – affordable!

Next up, as this was the hottest day we knew we had to do some touristic things and visit the top hot spots. We went to visit these beautiful building – La Pedrera, La Sagrada Familia and of course Park Guell. 

The only thing I didnt like when we visited La Sagrada Familia was that it was ALL under construction and you need tickets to get in. You have to pre-book too and when I researched into going to Barcelona, not one website stated this. So we could not go in. Which was such a shame as I knew it would be so beautiful and peaceful inside.


The same is for Park Guell – we walked so far, out of the city (which is where the park is) expecting a land inspired by Hansel & Gretel and all we got were diggers. Yes, lots and lots of them. Barcelona is all under construction. That was the worst thing about it. All the touristic attractions could not really be seen. So we decided to stay in the city and explore a more common ground. Bars and restaurants!

 We finished off the 3 days away with a fabulous evening out in a Shisha restaurant that was designed by Middle Eastern geniuses. From the crockery, to the stars on the ceilings, the rich food and amazing decor we were in heaven. I say we, I mean me, my husband was happy to be fed. 

Until our next adventure. 

Much Love

Assuntina X

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