Weddings are no longer just in the Summer. I love a Winter wedding and I got married in the Autumn as it is in fact my favourite time of year. What to wear to a wedding is very personal as everyone is different and everyone has different body shapes and styles. I thought I would show you what I have worn to previous weddings – Along with some great alternative this season on what to wear, that I know I will most definitely, make you feel amazing! You must remember the simple rules of when you are dressing up for an event – wedding, baptism, special birthday etc…

  1. Always be comfortable. If you have to pull your dress down, top up, wear super tight spanks then you are not comfortable and it will show to everyone. Comfortable = Confidence.
  2. Make sure you can sit in your outfit and dance in it. If you cant then maybe it is not the right one for you.
  3. Do not follow the trends. Just because someone is wearing a specific colour or outfit do not feel pressured to do the same. An item of clothing will look nice on a specific person and completely different on you. You must love the item to wear it. Rock your own trend.
  4. Make sure it is an item that you can wear again – on holiday, on the school run and even date night! Spending money on an item you will only wear once is pointless and stupid. The only time you do it – is when you are the bride!

Last weekend was the first wedding I have been to since my own- which was 4 years ago. Due to death in the family, being heavily pregnant and then having a newborn etc etc I wasn’t able to attend the weddings I was invited too. So this one was super special. Plus it was my two great friends getting married so I was super excited and feeling great.

I actually brought my dress in February when I was a lot heavier and I hoped that i was fit in it – which I did and with lots of space. I brought it from Asos from for £42 and it did come with a belt and I loved the belt but it brought a lot of attention to my stomach. An area I didn’t want people looking at so I decided not to wear it. The dress covered my arms and was a perfect length. I added with with closed heels (perfect as it rained all day long) and my statement beaded bag. Which I forked out £30 from New Look. Everyone loved it. I love it and I will cherish it forever and give it to my grandchildren one day. Who said you can’t buy great things from the high street?!

This gorgeous beaded bag is white and cream and is not lined – and I love it. Its perfect for the summer and for date night and cost me £30. It is now on sale for £20.

Here are some previous wedding outfits I have worn…

The red dress on the left I wore to my good friend’s Aysha’s wedding. I not long had Khillian and it was the only dress I was comfortable in. It was a maternity dress from Asos.

On the right I attended my cousin’s Joe’s wedding. I was adamant I was wearing a maxi as I wanted to wear flats. I was not comfortable as I felt huge and very unattractive.

This dress I have and I still love it. I paid £22 for it from Miss Selfridge on Oxford Street on my lunch break. Its floaty and fun and the paisley print is still one of my favourites. I love how different it is and how it made me feel. This was when everyone discovered body con dresses and I am just not into them. This was my friend’s Claire’s Greek wedding.

This all cream look was not intentional for the wedding. It was this or a bright orange plain dress and something swayed me towards the pleats. As I am a hoarder, yes I still have all these items. The skirt is vintage and I wore it SOOOO many times after my friend’s Helena’s wedding (see drunk dancing image of me). The shoes are Primark – I wore them to death, the top is George (a sample that was never made) so I had the only one. I wore it to lots of festivals after the wedding. The bag is vintage. A favourite of mine.

This was the wedding I caught the bouquet – and funnily enough, I was engaged 2 months later!

Enough of me. Now I want to show you what you can wear to a wedding and what items suit what shapes. Lets go.

First up…the jumpsuit.

They are the go to item of clothing to wear at a wedding. Sophisticated, on trend and people are scared to wear them, so you will be the only one in one and in that particular one.

This jumpsuit is from Asos and is £60 – you can click here to see it. I love the length of it you can wear with sandals in the summer. The belt detail draws you in and the sleeves are what do it for me. This is perfect for someone who has a pear shape body as the sleeves balance you out (so people will not be looking at your hips) and just look at that back detail!

The second – the matching suit! Yes you heard me. If I could I would wear this to a wedding. This is more for someone who has big boobs and a big heart of confidence. Want something striking and unique? This is it! It also comes in mint green and is brand new in from Marks and Spencer and it costs £98.50 – but will last you for a long time as you can later wear the trousers for work and the jacket on a night out, click here to see it.

This next outfit is perfect for the boyish body style – someone that is looking to add a CURVE to their body. This sensational Warehouse dress is a masterpiece from all angles. A perfect length and those cuts instantly add curves and I love the back detail. £55 and not that many sizes left. Click here to see all the Wedding Guests outfits as they offer lots and sizes go up to 18!.

Are you that guests that doesn’t want to stand out of the crowd but still wants a WOW dress? Something clean cut and simple? This navy number from Warehouse is perfect. The frill adds some special detail and I would style with a bright pop of heel like the model. It comes in 3 colours and is in the sale for £40. Click here to see it.

Lastly this bold print dress has the detail that you will love from season to season and it is from Oasis. The owl and bird design on this coral dress means you can wear all year long, for any occasion not to mention for a wedding in any season. I think it is perfect for all shapes and a great length. Click here to see it.

Like I mentioned before how you dress for a wedding is totally up to you. You might want a plain dress, a short dress, a print or a LBD. I always say as long as you are comfortable that is all that matters.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and I would love for you to leave a comment.

Much Love

Assuntina X


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