Literally the day after Mother’s Day its time to think of Easter. It may be two weeks away but due to half term looming next week you are probably in the mist of organising the Easter Bonnets and Baskets you have to make, so I thought I would help you with the ones I like. Some are easy, some are creative, some are quirky – but they are all super fun and its even better when your little ones help.

There are so many places to buy your kits / bits and bobs from – the Poundshop, B&M, Home Bargains had some really unique items as well as Hobbycraft, John Lewis and even places like Lidl and Aldi!

This year Khillian is making his Bonnet at school. Which I am really sad about, but I plan to make his one (and a matching one for Lorenzo) at home as I already brought all the materials. Here is your Easter overload. Enjoy!

If you are looking to make everything from scratch these ideas are amazing. All you need is a headband, flowers (you can get from £1 shop) and wire. Very cute and just very different. Whoever said an Easter Bonnet has to be a hat? The mint floral crown is beautiful and the great thing about both these designs is that they can both be worn by a girl or a boy. With the floral crown instead of adding flowers add eggs.

This fascinator hat is beautiful and can all be made with such ease. Netting from a haberdashery, nest and eggs can be picked up on any high street shop along with feathers, twigs and glitter or butterflies. Glue it all together with a glue gun and add to a headband to make it extra secure. They will never want to take this one off.

I am not going to lie but this is the inspiration I got this year for Khillian’s Easter Bonnet. I love it and so does he. Different, imaginative and so much fun and I know I have to make two (siblings and all that) but they will wear them all the time. I brought the eggs from Home Sense and will paint them (well the kids will) and the feathers I purchased all from amazon along with the rattan material. Simple. Stay tuned!

There is nothing wrong with good old traditional Easter Bonnets. They can be done beautifully and my tip is less is more. But it really depends on the kids and what they want. Adding flowers, and foam rabbit ears is just really cute and unique. These hats will probably cost you under £5!

Lastly, something a little out of the ordinary but I love it, especially for a boy who maybe doesn’t want to concentrate on glitter, bright colours and prefers things a little more muted. A simple yet very elegant carrot crown is a great ideas for an Easter Bonnet. Real carrots can be used or you can buy the fake kind from any high street shop. Absolutely adorable.

Lastly for the cool older kids who are planning on making Easter baskets…Here is some inspiration for you.

I think the baskets are harder as you really have to find a basket you like in regards to size and shape. But a simple wicker basket (which you can recycle from Mother’s Day if you have one lying around) can look great when you add some artificial flowers – or you can wrap ribbon (any colour of your choice) around the basket and make it look so chic.

A great one for boys! This bucket can be brought in any garden center – you can add a design with chalk or get a more colourful basket one and draw the chick / rabbit / eggs on with permanent marker.

These adorable Easter sacks are a more modern take on the basket. You can buy the brown bags from any big hardware shop and even on amazon and simply add a pom pom (for rabbit tales), sticks from the garden and string to tie it all up. Cut the top to make it look like rabbit ears and you are onto a winner.

As I mentioned the way you design and make your Easter creations is totally up to you. Do not let my blog post or any images online make you feel you have to compete or compare. This is all for inspiration and to help your creative juices flow. All the images are above have been taken from Pinterest and I love each and everyone of them.

Now what will you start making? Have fun and Happy Easter.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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