So ok Christmas has been and gone.

Everyone is probably thinking about the new year, however, as I mentioned a few weeks ago – I hate the pressure of New Year, New You – and think January can be very blue. Everyone is going back to work, kids are back to school and you are broke and basically have eaten as much as a mini farm. So you are feeling like utter crap! So I thought I would finish off December on a high. One thing we do as a family is go to a Christmas market. This year we went to Rochester. 20 minutes drive for us and such a cute town. I love it and have been many times.

Here are a few snaps of our day there. On this particular day is when the tummy bug from hell started to loom…

It was such a fun day, we walked up to the market which was on a hill and they had a fake snow machine, lots of Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and a huge fun fair where the kids went on every ride, twice, so they made a lot of money from us that day… The market also have LOTS and LOTS of stalls for you to buy all sorts. Christmas jumpers, hats, jewellery, unique gifts, wreaths. You can even make your own wreaths there too. There was so much on offer.

All around the market were these gingerbread people and the kids had so much fun finding them and saying their names. There were lots of things to take pictures with. Which I love as these are all memories for not just the boys, but for all of us.

We told the kids that this was a prison and that naughty people were kept in there over Christmas…

The fun fair was really big however, being a Saturday and just before Christmas they put the prices up and if the kids wanted to go on the rides it was £2 each. Even though the signs all said £1 each. The kids loved it – but things like this is what makes me think twice about coming back next year.


Even with a tummy bug landing 24 hours later for all three of these wise men. The food selection was amazing and they all tucked in with no questions asked.

I love taking pictures with my boys, and what makes me laugh is 12 months ago I would never take pictures of myself and sprayed them all over social media, no matter on the blog. I hope you loved reading this blog post, and I know the posts have been sparse and rare but as the New Year is coming I am sure lots more juicy, fun and interesting posts will be thrown upon you.

Thank you for reading and I shall see you in the New Year…

Much Love.

Assuntina X

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