One of the things I love to do the most, is pack. I am a neat packing freak and I love every aspect of it. I never forget anything, always have everything and make sure I am prepared, so if anything does happen – I am ready for it. With all our outfits, in particular – – – -the kids outfits (and my husbands) I pre-style them and place them all together so I know what they are wearing, and when. 

It may sound silly – but it is easy and quick in the long run as you don’t have to worry about what they are wearing. You have already thought it through. All you do when you arrive is unpack, and dress them. When we were ready to go out in the evening I took the outfits out and placed them on the bed. So the boys all knew what they were wearing. 

I do match the boys sometimes – mainly Christmas, Father’s Day, Easter etc. But on holiday I like to match the colour themes. Have a look at what they wore…

Khaki is a great look for boys – and on the first night the boys wore khaki with black and a touch of mint along with tan accessories (great for little boys to make them look taller) and bold printed espadrilles for my big man. 

Next up…gorgeous boys wear pink to make Mamma wink. I love pink on boys – and on this day Papa wore pink too. Denim for Khillian and comfy navy cotton shorts for Lorenzo with navy summer sandals. 

Nudes are a breeze – this tshirt was a gift last year for the big man and I teamed it with light denim shorts (go with everything – make sure you buy for kids they are great for every summer) and Lorenzo matched in a light linen grey and stone one piece with a light striped tshirt. 

Monochrome magic – Lorenzo was wearing denim shorts here and Khillian had baggy jogger style shorts both styled with monochrome graphic tees. I love matching the kids but I am believer that all kids are different, so I like to let their personalities shine – especially with fashion. The logo tee is perfect for Khillian – as it has all his favourite things. And Lorenzo loves dinosaurs…

This day was Khillian’s 5th birthday. As this year we went for a Lego themed birthday I made sure their outfits were bold, bright and crazy. Lots of colour, lots of clashing, a badge for the birthday boy and a balloon (sort of) for this little brother. 

Officially our last night. The kids caught a lovely tan – I wanted them to shine out and be comfortable so logo fun tees and a peach / pink colour palette. Khillian loves sharks and Lorenzo is totally epic so we were all really happy with this look. 

Now you are probably sick of all these holiday photos – but this is the last post. 

So relax, pull up your blanket and lets get ready for autumn. Thanks for reading. 

Much Love. 


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