This year we decided to go away on holiday, just the four of us – and I actually booked a while ago to go to Switzerland. Due to soooo many issues, it wasn’t working so I changed the location at the last minute. I have been to Rhodes before, when I was a teenager – and loved it. I was happy to go back, but this time with my little family. 

I took hundreds and hundred of photos but just wanted to show you our lovely location and also some great tips when travelling with kids. 

I brought the kids their own suitcases – these from Ebay and cost £15 each. They are so big and in here I packed toys – some new, some old but they didn’t touch these suitcases till we got to the airport. The new toys were all from the Poundshop. Colouring books and crayons, Squishies, toys cards, lots and lots of books, connect 4 travel set etc. Wooden animal dominoes and even some random things that I knew they would love like lego and building blocks. I also packed in their cases – headphones, blankets and a lunch box full of snacks. 

I kept the kids comfy with cotton clothing, and jackets in our hand luggage – although we left during a heatwave. The suitcases had their own name tags and new tags so they would know whose suitcases belonged to who. Lorenzo got the airplane and Khillian got the lobster. 

They loved their suitcases and we will use them on every trip we go on…I also packed a pillow. A great tip I got from This is Mothership when I was packing last year. Last year I was breastfeeding Lorenzo when we went away and I was worried where he would sleep and how I would feed him. The girls mentioned to place the pillow under the pram and use on the plane when you need it. This year I did the same. We all used the pillow. In fact we were arguing about it. A great tip for any mum with young kids. 

The tags for the suitcases I brought on Ebay – the seller personlises everything – and I am so happy with them. Great memories are made with little details like this. 

Our hotel was beautiful. When travelling with kids we always put their needs first and make sure we have everything that they need.

If you have any worries I recommend to always ring the hotel in advance and let them know your situation. The ages of the kids, when you are coming, if you need a cot bed, a specific room etc. When you arrive it will be easier and you can quickly check in with ease. 

On our summer holidays we are always by the pool, or on the beach – so we make sure our hotel has a big water playground – as our boys do not stop. We actually have more fun then them. I always look for a hotel that has a big family pool, baby pool and it has to be by the beach. This holiday the beach was a 5 minute walk and the kids loved picking rocks and pebbles. We took a lot home and placed them in their rooms in beautiful bowls. 

The kids loved the pirate ship – we spent every day here. 

The pirate ship pool was slightly deeper (my kids boys stood up and walked with ease in it) the smaller pool was slightly warmer and had all these water jets in there. So fun, so relaxing and great for cooling off. 

I always pack my own inflatables as I know they will fit the kids, easy to blow up and I also pack 2 kids swimming towels. They have their own designs so the boys know whose towel belongs to who – no arguments. 

At lunch time we went into the shade for either ice cream, freshly cooked pizza from the stone oven or classic Greek Gyros – the kids went back for more every time! 

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower arrangement cascading down the building on the way to the pool…?

We only for a week this year, and I knew our hotel was 10 minutes from Lindos – so I knew we had to visit this beautiful city. When I came to Rhodes as a teenager this is where I stayed, and I loved it. Every street, every corner there is a different shop. Basket bags, toys, jewellery, hats, clothes, ice cream, roof top bars and restaurants – they have everything and we didn’t have time to see it all. I wish we did. But we will definitely come back when the kids are older. I recommend going at night. The sights are beautiful and you have to eat in a roof top restaurant. 

I was in shopping heaven!

Our family holiday was amazing – the kids loved it and it was great bonding just the 4 of us, in a new country, with a new culture meeting new people. 

Thank you Greece for the beautiful memories and for having us. 

Much Love


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