Recently I have been saying to a lot of my mummy friends that I cannot find a nice, modern and fun coffee shop that is mummy friendly near where I live. And by ‘Where I live’ I mean within 25 miles around me. Can you believe it? I am not looking for a Costa or a Easy Coffee (although I think Easy Coffee is lovely and their coffee is so tasty). I mean somewhere that has an outdoor playground, a small soft play, free wifi, trash on the TV etc.

I started doing some searching and found this cute little place ion Eltham / Lee – which is 20 minutes drive from my house, its called Fresh Ground Coffee. You can look them up online and on Facebook (which I love doing as you get great reviews and see all the pictures of what the place looks like). The website is really detailed and when I messaged them on Facebook about activities that were on their timetables they came back to me within 20 mins – and I messaged them late at night. Very helpful.

The coffee shop is run by mainly volunteers and people who help in the local community – which is lovely. It is warm and very inviting and has a lot of activities for kids like cinema viewings in the half term and messy play. As well as slime workshops and a lovely reading corner. The food is nice and they have everything from high chairs to benches and quirky comfty arm chairs.

When you walk in you can see that the space is split up into two. You have the tables and seating area and then further to the left is a hidden away play area where the kids can have fun and play. It is secluded and safe. It is monitored well as you cannot eat in there but can bring in teas and coffees, as long as they are in a take away cup (spillages and all that).

To get in the kids have to pay £1.50 – which is so cheap and affordable and the play area runs on a 2 hour time slot. The Jumping Beans was lovely but it is only really for 0-4 yeat olds. Khillian is 6 and would not find it so interesting – and there would not be enough space to occupy him. Lorenzo has just tuned 3 and he was happy to leave after 40 minutes. Saying that there is a lot to do and he did miss breakfast as he was excited to get into the play area.

There was lots of Duplo and he did all the wooden puzzles – which are his favourite!

He built and played with a wooden train set and then ALL the cars, trucks and fire engines.

And then he had a great time painting! There was also a tent, play kitchen (which he absolutely loved) so he cooked me lots of yummy food and made me lots of cocktails. There are books to read and they even have a table where you can paint pottery and take it home with you.

There are a lot of amazing things about this coffee shop and I loved it. However, I am always honest and have to also mention some things I wasn’t keen on. The location. I could not find anywhere to park as it is just off of the dual carriageway and I went on a Tuesday morning. I had to park and then walk 15 minutes. That in itself was stressful. Also, I felt like I wasn’t left on my own much to soak it all up. I was asked a few times where I am from? have I been here before? I think they were just trying to make conversation and it was friendly and lovely – but in the same breath I wanted to enjoy my coffee and let my child play nicely with other kids. But….there were so many little touches I loved!

They have a little corner where there is a big book and toy shelf so the little ones can enjoy some small toys near their mummies and daddies. This is situated in the actual coffee shop. There are seats for the kids there and a large chalk board too which I am sure they can write and draw on.

It is safe to say the little man loved it. Its just a shame I can’t really bring Khillian here unless it is something for the older and younger kids to do together. Maybe the cinema showings. I will let you know. But it is a lovely place and so welcoming. If you are local to Lee and Eltham I highly recommend! Coffee was yummy too!

If you know of any amazing coffee shops that are kid friendly and in Kent please do let me a message and let me know. I would love to discover it. This coffee shop is nice and great for locals but I am still looking for something that is wow and great for older kids too.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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