I have always wanted to watch a film in the park, so when I googled films for kids – the amazing Luna Cinema and Luna Kids Cinema saved us all. So many films, days and times to watch your favourite movies and all over the UK. Click here to find out more details as there are lots that are still being shown.

We were looking for a space / park in Kent but we had already seen certain films or the days were all booked up with something else. So we opted for Dulwich Park – which is a 30 minute from us. I am so pleased we did as we have never been and it was AMAZING.

Such a big park, so clean and so much to do. The Luna Cinema set up was amazing and they could not have picked a better park to do it in. The park is so spacious, well kept and so beautiful to look at and be in. The kids even noticed how amazing and stunning it was to be in. I am not sure why it was so different. It could be the well groomed bushes, amazing open space and gates which stand out for miles.

To start off this blog post – if you do not follow me on social media you would not know that we started to potty train Lorenzo at the beginning of the week so 6 days in, and a lot of cabin fever, we ventured out with no nappies and a potty. He did amazing and I was pleased with everything we packed. Here is what we did to get by…

We still use our pram as my morning boy (early riser) gets tired around lunch time. But I was happy to bring the pram as we had a lot of things to carry. My trusty Fearne Cotton / Cath Kidson waterproof bag was packed full of lunch for the whole family. My husband was carrying all the blankets (and loo roll, just in case) in his bag, Khillian carried the mini tent. A life saver! And the glorious potty throne was draped over my bag with lots of space to push the pram. And everything was used!!! Don’t worry the pot to urinate in was placed under the pram for hygiene reasons.

I wasn’t sure if Lorenzo would have privacy when he needed the loo and I was not sure how close the toilets would be so we brought our mini pop up tent – well it is my parent’s. They brought it when we all went on holiday. We have used it soooo many times since. We popped up the tent and the kids relaxed in it and when Lorenzo needed the potty we popped him on and all was perfect!

We got to Dulwich Park 20 mins before the gates opened so we were first in line. We picked our spot and there was no rushing, pushing or shoving. Placed all our bits and bobs down and asked to leave our pram in the pram space. Which we were happy to do. If you have a little babies you can have your prams near you but you are advised to sit on the sides, so you do not restrict other people’s views. We were watching The Jungle Book – as we wanted a film we have not seen before and that the whole family would love. The kids went crazy for it but other films include Coco, Frozen, The Incredibles, Tangled, Toy Story, Spiderman and so much more. This is just for kids. The adults has another whole list of films.

Before the film started there was some great kids entertainment in the form of a pirate mouse walking around the park saying hello and playing with the kids. The boys loved him! We were next to the storage centre which had bean bags and chairs. You could hire them for £7 each and keep them for the whole film. A lot of people hired them as its not easy or comfortable watching a film on the grass for 2 hours. We hired two chairs and they also had back supports for women with young children or elderly people who just needed a little TLC.

Next up – – – – The Bar.

Yes there was a bar on the other side of the park – opposite the bean bags. It served everything – popcorn, sweets, fruit, crisps, water, juice, hot drinks, Prosecco and more. Not at all overly priced but great if you are watching an evening film with your partner or have 2+ kids and in desperate need of a gin and tonic.

There was also a disabled toilet and a section for ladies and gents with 4 toilets each. Clean and very well layed out. Easy to get to from all angles and just nicely done!

The Baby Pit Stop is what I felt was the winning point for me. A blacked out tent on the right of the park with 4 changing stations with loo roll and wet wipes, a whole row of sit up high chairs (high chairs with no legs so you can rest your little ones on the ground) and two microwaves so you can heat up bottles. I mean so thoughtful and very well thought about. This is why there were no crying babes at the park.

Everyone was happy!

Doing a full circle you are back to the beginning where the pram park is. Lots of space and all sections are minded by a member of security. Just in case. I was so impressed and highly recommend for any family – whether you have a newborn or 5 kids, this is a great activity to do with the family – especially if you have a family or kids that are all different ages, as everyone will be happy.

I loved it, the kids loved it and the husband loved it even more. I am booking a whole lot more films over the summer and I cannot wait to book a babysitter and go alone with my husband too – a film, under the stars with alcohol…its a dream date!!

We were happy bunnies.

Much Love

Assuntina X


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