Halloween is a great one. 

We love it so much and try to do something different every year but a lot of the activities are arts and crafts. With 2 small kids under 5 – trying to make something with both of them is tricky. Plus, we do a lot of arts and crafts at home, so when I book something I want it to be something they will remember and learn from. 

This year – I took Khillian to a Pumpkin Trail in Greenwich. It was so different yet fun and affordable too. We discovered new shops and locations, got to see amazing scenery like The Cutty Sark, The Observatory, The Queen’s House and so much more. We saw some great Halloween costumes and got lots of sweets and treats. In regards to costumes I match the kids every year. I do a running theme – we have done Transformers, Skeletons and this year Bats. A simple arrangement of black clothing, comfty new shoes and a bat cape from H&M that I know he will wear all year round. 




The trail started at 1pm and took us all over Greenwich (beware, there is a lot of walking) but it only cost £5 and all the profits go to the Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

When we arrived we went for a walk around Greenwich Market, which I love to do anyway. There are so many great stalls that sell everything from curtains, to fashion, amazing interiors and vintage cameras too. Of course Khillian found every toy going – but there are lots of vintage finds there, I highly recommend if you love shopping boutique. 

With the train we had to go into different shops and get the pumpkin passport stamped and when we did, the kids all got a treat in every shop. Khillian loved it! It was a great idea, we discovered lots of new shops I have never heard of and we did something new – which he loved (as he loves exploring). Its the new Trick n Treating. 


Some shops even had activities layed out for kids, which was great. Upstairs in the Joy Store was colouring in tables and they gave away Halloween tattoos and stickers instead of treats. 

Like I mentioned, I discovered this new store called Tailor & Forge. Such a gorgeous homeware store that was like an Aladdin’s cave. It was so big and went very far back. SOOOO much to see and such great inspiration if you are looking to redecorate.  It was like Ikea mixed with Oliver Bonas. 


We went into charity shops, sweet shops, shoe shops, book shops and more. Such a fund day out and all for a great cause.

Halloween doesn’t need to be about dressing your kids up and doing the most expensive or prettiest thing. Its for them to understand about the day of the dead, spirits, life after death and about souls. That is what I explain to my kids and that is why they love it so much. It is something for them to think about. There are plenty of things you can do to celebrate Halloween with your kids…

  • Make your own costumes and dance around the house (who said you had to leave the house)
  • Go to the Pumpkin Patch collect all the pumpkins you want and carve them
  • Paint the pumpkins (something new we are doing this year) and I suggest a lot of glitter. 
  • Making scary masks out of big autumnal leaves
  • Going on a scary trail – so many places do trails all you need to do is look on Facebook or have a google
  • Make Halloween biscuits and cookies. So much fun, easy and kids love. You can get cutters from Poundland and a great way to use up left over eggs, flour and sugar. 
  • Decorate the house and wait for Trick and Treaters
  • Have a Halloween disco party. All you need is the lights off, great costumes and a Spotify playlist. Easy!
  • For younger play – messy play is great for Halloween…you can get slime and toy spiders from the pound shop and chuck everything in water or seed and let them go crazy. They can put their hands and feet in and have a blast. 
  • A spooky theatre production. We couldn’t go this year due to the days the show fell on but next year this is on the to do list. Tickets cost £16 and the best ones are at the small theatre halls. 

Hope this helps. Remember it is not all about chocolate and the best costume, they are kids so let them remember the best things about Halloween. 

Until next year…

Assuntina X

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