Every half tern I plan to do something just me and Khillian.

As Khillian is mainly at school and then attends after school clubs, it is hard to get one on one time with him. Especially doing something fun, easy and not worrying about homework, siblings or house things. Yesterday I booked a baking / decorating class based in Kent that I found on FaceBook.

It was sooooo much fun and as we have not done something like this before – Khillian absolutely loved it. We attended Push Pops Cakes in Tunbridge Wells and paid £20 for the ticket. It was so much fun, so creative and with lots of other kids there, it was new and my big man loved every minute of having some Mamma time. And so did I!

When we arrived all the kids had their sections ready with their tools on the table and a Easter name place setting. It was adorable.

The lady who runs the classes is Cakey Bake, Kirsty is amazing. She had such patience – noting that she had to deal with around 12 kids (of all ages from 5-12) and she did an amazing job. She greeted us warmly, explained what we were doing and was so friendly.

Kirsty told us section by section what to do and how to do it and then the kids went back to their tables and cracked on. Khillian made all the sugar add ons first so they can be left to dry and harden. Then we moved onto making the amazing different Push Pops. He did everything – that was his favourite part designing everything himself, which I always love seeing him do.

These are all his sugar creations

Next up the kids then had to get all the sponge cake sections to layer into the three different Cake Push Pops. These were all cut with the top of the Push Pop, like a stamp.

Some of the Cake Push Pops have loose cake crumbs that cannot be eaten with hands – so Kirsty even thought to give the kids wooden spoons (lovely touch). The kids had the opportunity to decorate them however they wanted to and then take them home.

Here is the big man showing off his work of art. He used edible glue to attach his sugar carrots to one of his Push Pops.

All the amazing Cake Push Pops that all the kids made.

The first Cake Push Pop Khillian made was a birds nest with mini Easter eggs on top and multi coloured sponge cake.

My favourite one was the Easter Spring Cake Push Pop with hidden worms and edible stones.

Lastly, Khillian’s favourite, the white bunny rabbit who is digging for juice carrots.

And guess who was the first one to try them out…?

We then finished off our Easter day out with our favourite partner in crime (the little man) and went for a bunny hunt at Ruxley Manor – our local garden centre. Which was fun and free!!! The hunt is on throughout the whole of the Easter holidays and a great day out for the kids.

A lovely day out and one we will remember for years! I will most definitely do another Cakey Bake class and I would highly recommend it. Kirsty also does adult classes and even private events. All details for the Easter classes are here. Enjoy and Happy Easter.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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