Everyone says a home is never finished and I agree. We moved into our house over two years ago and even though I love every corner of it – there are always areas I like to tweak and change. It could be wallpapering a wall, changing the floors, putting new fences up and even painting a wall or two (don’t tell the husband). 

When we moved in we had basic paint work to do – but I knew years down the line we would change some aspects of the house. We have lots more ideas for the house – for us and the kids, as we already have an extension we are keen to work around this and grow our house to suit our needs and our family. Last year we spent our time and money on the garden but the next project was tiling and changing floors. 

I love tiles and always grew up with them in my mum and dad’s house and in family houses in Sicily. However, they can be tricky with kids (falling over and banging their heads) and of course, they are much more expensive to buy and to lay. The room I wanted to tile is easy, small and would not take up much money – my porch! It is the first room when you walk in, it is organised and needs to be weather efficient. So I thought tiles would be great. Bright, bold, fun and very easy to clean. However my sister came up with the idea to use a vinyl. I did some research and ended up buying a tile patterned vinyl from Ebay and I couldn’t love it more! It is so easy to order and came within 2 days all rolled up. In regards to cost my vinyl was very cheap and cost around £60. 

Here are some tips if you are keen to tile a room in your house, but having the same issues I had:

  • If you have kids a vinyl cover is great. So easy to lay, if after years it gets destroyed you can buy another pattern, or take the whole thing off and go back to your original flooring. 
  • Always order a bit bigger than the floor space so you have extra materials to work with. 
  • Ask for a sample if you are not sure on the pattern. 
  • Look for inspiration of your pattern on Instagram and Pinterest – you will find lots. 
  • Check reviews of the seller online (Ebay, Amazon etc) and see what others have said about the product. 
  • Get your handy man round to help..

This is the original floor with the vinyl ready to go down. 

My porch is a strange shape my I fully trust my handy man as he has helped in throughout my whole house – my dad. 

Because of the lengths that the material came in I had lots left over and might consider putting this vinyl in my downstairs toilet too.

My dad is great at what he does and he is a perfectionist – it took him less than an hour to do my small and odd shaped porch. It really doesn’t take long. 

Here is the end result…

I added in some accessories and moved some bits around but it is the most fun room in my house. It shows my taste, was cost effective and looks the part. I love it! 

Why don’t you try it.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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