The time of year has come, and if you are like me you are writing lists, buying presents and deciding what you are going to start buying friends and family for Christmas. A few years ago we went with a one present rule – and its the best thing we did. I felt more organised, anxiety levels were low and I was actually really happy with all the gifts I brought – as it might have been one. But that gift was a really  special one. 

I thought I would help if you are lost with ideas on what to get your loved ones. What do I know? I dont know much – but with 10 years of working in Fashion PR and sending Christmas ideas to every member of press going, and with over 15 years working in fashion, being a mum and a woman – I know a few things on what your loved ones might want under the Christmas tree. 

Get your note books ready…

The Woman In Your Life:

This is easy. Every woman needs and wants the below. If you buy these you are scoring amazing brownie points and forever in her good books:

  • PJs
  • Perfume (not a new one, one you know she already wears)
  • Candles – If you want to spend a little extra go for Diptique or Jo Malone candles – they also last longer and the pots can be reused for everything – pen pots, new tea light candles, ear cleaners (everything!). 
  • Slippers
  • Gin sets – You would be surprised how amazing these are and you can buy them from B&M, Boots and even Homebargains or shock horror – Tk Maxx. 
  • Books – These gorgeous printed books are classics and there will be something your lady will love. They are from Amazon and come in a set. They are gorgeous, will make a beautiful gift will make your book shelf look stunning – The Puffin in Bloom Books – Books include Heidi, Little Women, A Little Princess and Anne of Green Gables. If these are not her type – just click on to Amazon and search ones you think she will love. This comes up automatically if you have an Amazon Prime account. Big tip!


For Your Man:

This is the one I always have problems with only because all the men in my family are all so different. However, one thing they all love…

  • Spa day – trust me works every time. Massage voucher and they will love you always – best place to buy is Groupon
  • Iphone case and battery pack (best £25 I spent)
  • Socks / Dressing Gown
  • A good jacket – Burtons and New Look are always a great buy!
  • A good aftershave set – I brought a travel aftershave set last year and got a leather travel bag. All from Boots and money well spent. 
  • A weekend away on a city break
  • More socks
  • Netflix – Again – the best £7.99 I have ever spent
  • Drone (dont ask)
  • Matching PJs (yes we do it every year and everyone loves it). 
  • Playstation 4 (again dont ask) and the best one of all….
  • A LIE IN AT CHRISTMAS (parent you know!).  

Grandparents are the best:

To tell you the truth – grandparents are the people I tend to spend most of my money on. More than my kids and my husband as I would be lost without them! So I always know they need that little bit more of a luxury at Christmas. Even though they always say they want nothing.

  • Theatre tickets – I always buy from
  • Spa days
  • Cashmere jumpers for her
  • Alcohol set for him
  • PJS sets with eye mask
  • Beauty products that are on the pricey side (why not treat them a little more than usual)
  • Wine 
  • Cheese board
  • Board games
  • Christmas outfits
  • A good coffee table / lamp – home accessories work so well as a gift
  • Anything to do with baking
  • Netflix (again such a good one)
  • Anything personalised from the kids – Tools, aprons, anything Cath Kidson for her, key rings, mugs – the list goes on. 
  • Hampers – brought or made by yourself. Its the little things and ideas from the heart that are the best. 
  • Home made Christmas decorations and Christmas cards from the kids

Something for the Rugrats:

Every child is different and it also depends on their age. I always buy wooden toys for my boys as they last, they are a great size, don’t play any music and they love them and we have them for years. We have everything from planes, to cars, animals, spinning tops and more. Wooden toys are a favourite of mine, but if you are looking for some more ideas…

  • Dolls house / Garage
  • Kitchen
  • Learning books with stickers – Lidl and Aldi have a great selection
  • Board games
  • Anything arts and crafts – Like make your own castle, car, fire engine etc. 
  • Toy trunk to put them all in or baskets (ikea have a great selection). 
  • FANCY DRESS!!!!!
  • PJs, PJs and more PJS!! Kids always need them. 

The list can go on and on for kids but I hope you get the idea. Asda Home, Aldi and TKMaxx have an amazing selection of wooden toys and yes I got theirs from there this year. The one below is from Asda and a great price too. 

The Secret Santa:

I also stick to presents under a certain budget – and normally it is £20. The best places to go are into department stores and places like New Look, Joy, Urban Outfitters and HomeSense as they have great things that can be useful, fun and different. What I recommend for your Secret Santa:

  • Find out some information about the person you are buying for. What are their interests? What shows/music do they like? Do they have a family? Do they like alcohol? – all this can help you with your gift.
  • Look at places that sell items that are affordable. You dont have to buy one big gift. You can buy a few little ones that add up to £20. 
  • Dont buy something too silly as it will be money down the bin. 
  • Things I find I always like are things like a phone case, book, make up and even key rings. T
  • Mugs are great as we all use them…

The One That Loves to Personalise:

So many items to buy you can have anything personalised now days – you just need to think about what they need and like. Stationary is amazing when personalised. Buying this person personalised thank you notes will be something they will love and use all year long. A gift they will remember always. Best places are Papier, and my new discovery Martha Brook. Diaries are also great but there is lots lots lots more:

  • Wallets and purses
  • Scarves – so so so effortless and they will use every season
  • Travel bags are great as they always need to be used
  • Key rings
  • Socks (one for dads and matching ones for the kids is a great Christmas gift)
  • Phone cases
  • Tool Boxes
  • Something for their desk – maybe a desk calendar, mouse mat, pen pot
  • Cushions are great. I love an initial pillow and they can be used for decoration in nurseries, living rooms and even for a desk chair to brighten up a study. 
  • Jewellery – in particular studded earrings (what I asked Father Christmas for)
  • Make up bag 

The best places are Not On The High Street and I highly recommend Ebay. 

The One That Has Everything:

The best advise I can give you is to think outside the box…

  • Hampers that are perfectly designed for them
  • Subscription to their favourite magazine – this is a great one for men too
  • Flowers delivered to their door every month. All they have to do is add water I highly recommend Bloom and Wild
  • A workshop they can enjoy and learn something from – baking, making candles, learning yoga, cocktail making.
  • A handmade scrap book with all your memorable pictures inside. One of the best things you can buy. 
  • Make up and perfume – they always run out and will always need more. You can take a quick pick inside their make up bag or ask them for their top 10 and you can buy 2. 
  • Weekend away – something to add to your memories
  • Fuji camera – something different that they can keep. Lots of great memories to be made. 
  • A pet 

Stocking Fillers:

To be honest I get everything from the Pound shop – little stuffed toys, chocolate coins, books, stickers, little sweet packs, phone chargers and more. I stuff the stockings with about 6-10 gifts each. They are only meant to be little things and therefore I would suggest spending as little are you can on then and save your money for the gorgeous presents under the tree. 

I really hope this helps. I wanted to throw ideas around as I know people panic about what to buy for their loved ones but it is not about the most expensive gift. It really is the thought that counts. Memories are the best thing you can give at Christmas. 

(FYI not my stockings or my house)

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping. 

Assuntina X

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