I mentioned it earlier on in another Fitness blog post about my love for Bounce. So I thought I would tell you more about it as so many people have messaged me about it.

The Bounce classes are amazing. I have linked the company here but you go online and have a look to see where your local class is. Mine is in Bexley. The great thing about booking online is you can see when the classes are and sync it to your calendar. You will get a email the night before reminding you of the class you have booked in for. You also get to see how many spaces there are, so if you want to book in a friend too you can.

I started to think about Bounce as I wanted to start working out and doing something that would raise my heart rate and really get my heart pumping. I love finding out about new classes and training ideas. This popped up a few times on Facebook so I thought I would take a look.

The first class was hard, I think it is because my body had not done something like this in a long time. By the third and fourth class I started to crave it. The hormone release I got after a class was like a drug and I started to book in advance for my classes as I knew how popular they are. In my class there are normally 15-20 people all on one adult size trampoline. There are no handle bars as this makes you concentrate on your breathing and your core muscles a lot more.

The great thing about this exercise class is that it is one hour and you do 3 songs and a 1 minute break, then another 3 songs – break and again and then you work on toning your stomach and then a cool down. So its very intense but that is what gets results.

Can you spot me? This picture was taken on the hottest day of the year so far – that Thursday when it was 37 degrees in Kent. If you can do a strong and powerful workout in that heat you know you are doing something right. The two instructors at the Bexley Bounce are amazing. The classes are fun, so much good energy and I truly love going. I love the people there, the music and the feeling after, like I said it’s amazing. The music and moves are not the same every week which I like as the routine does not get repetitive and boring. I love Bounce because I can see a difference in my body – and not just shape – but strength. I can pick things up I could not before and stretch better now and move faster. All because of the fact that I am working on my core muscles because I am doing the exercises on a trampoline.

The Bounce classes in Bexley run 4 a week and they also have a great Saturday session from 8:15am which are kid friendly. So you can bring your little ones. They can jump on their on trampoline or they put mats out for little babies and there is a side room where kids can hang out with their ipads and wait for mum if they want their own space. Genius right?!

If you are keen to join a Bounce class the best way is to look them up on facebook and see where your local class is. I pay £6.95 a class and love it.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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