I am a book worm and if I had the time (two kids kind of take that away) I would sit on a bench and read, read, read. I read everything from The Hobbit to Twilight, autobiographies and love novels. The only thing I cannot read is a thriller. Only as I have a wild imagination and I would get the most horrendous nightmares. So I avoid as much as possible.

I always used to have a book in my bag – especially when I commuted on the train, if I was on holiday and even when I was in college. I used to read in between classes on the hill whilst all my friends were going to the pub. Now I try to read at around 9 / 9:30pm (after putting kids to bed and TV) I go to bed to relax and try to read my book. I really do try but it is super hard as I will get distracted by my phone. I also attempt to read when I am super stressed. If my mind is over whelmed and something is bothering me I will read my book, as I find it calming and books transport me into another part of my brain where I can relax and unwind.

I find I learn a lot from books – motherhood knacks, about relationships, fashion, history, and so much more. The limits of learning are endless and now that I am a mother there are so many angles and stories to learn and I am always eager to find out more. So I wanted to show you some books that are my favourites and the books I have lined up to read.

Now – I am a Instagram addict! It is such a creative platform and I love how beautiful, real and honest you can be. It could be a post about how your child kept you up all night long, how you have found the perfect statement dress or maybe you love a recipe for a new evening meal. Instagram helps you find these people and opens up this platform for you – the other thing I always find on Instagram is a great book.

I follow so many journalists and stylist and, of course, mums on Instagram – so there are a lot of people I admire and I value their opinions, as I feel we have the same interests. So when someone recommends a book – I look on Amazon and check out the bio, what it is about, who wrote etc and if I like, I purchase. A few books I have brought and just were not feeling them – Eleanor Oilphant is Completely Fine and Dolly Alderton’s book were great but I didn’t like or really have an interest for them. They were just not my cup of tea. However…these bad boys…

This book is the one I am reading now. When my husband saw it on my bed side table he asked why the hell I was reading it? I love books about marriage. There I said it. 5 years ago I would have never ever read a book about marriage – but shock horror being married to a boy can be hard and when I see other people’s experiences is really does make me think. This book is eye opening and so interesting (good and bad experiences) and I love learning about how people deal with changes and situations that occur in their marriage. I am only 3/4 chapters in but so far they have had sex in their pantry and were caught by their little girl. So – a lot has gone on. I will let you know how I get on.

Now this is one of my favourite books. I have read it 5/6 times and I brought it on my kindle too. I first read it when I was about 15 and it really was an eye opener. This book is about a lady called Jemima who works in an office and fell head over heels in love with Ben. But there were 2 problems. One he wasn’t in love with her and the second being she really wasn’t in love with herself. She is an obese woman. Over weight and she hates it. So what she does is amazing. Her perception of life and herself changes and what she does to achieve her goals (and she has a few) really made me see that so many things can happen if you put your mind to it. It is a great read and like I said this is one of the books I would read over and over again and still fall in love with it and with her!

I absolutely adore Zoe Sugg. I have learnt so much from following her on social media. I have brought her books, her lifestyle accessories, beauty collaborations and so much more because I love her products. When I saw that she was releasing a book – which was seasonal – and featured everything you can do in that season from making Easter nests to Christmas desserts and even summer party ideas I knew I would love it and had to buy. It does not disappoint. I love how it is split up into seasons so if you are looking for Mother’s Day ideas you just go to Spring, if you are looking to bake something yummy for a New Years Party she has some great suggestions. It is a great book to help you become the most fabulous host. It has beautiful curated pictures and very well styled. I love it. Its also great that you can just dibble dabble in when you want to and come back for reference – this will always be beneficial.

A new book that I saw on Instagram (by 1 person, this one is not a trend) – but it was from the lovely, talented and very gorgeous Katherine Ormerod – who has a young little man herself. I have heard so many people talk about how French women handle and bring up their offspring and I have googled it plenty of times in the middle of the night, during a sleep regression or in desperation. So when she mentioned this book a few months ago – I knew I wanted to learn more so I brought it. There were actually not a lot of copies left. I brought a used one from Amazon, which suited me well, but I am keen to learn how other mothers around the world raise their kids and what the results concur.

I spotted this book as I saw it was being gifted to lots of journalists and then a few people recommend it to me. Its a fun filled book detailing to you all the tricks and tips you need to help you live a happy and fulfilled life like the Danish. Apparently, men and women from the Netherlands are the most happiest people in the world. Fact!

This book has lots of ideas from the interiors of your house, the relationships you hold, helping you with your kids, what you eat, how you work and so much more to help you understand and make the right changes in your life to make you feel your happiest. It is an easy read, the pictures are calming and beautiful to look at and it is a book you can always come back to. I loved it so much it made me book a holiday to Switzerland – however when I found out how much it costs to holiday there, I had to do a massive rethink.

I am a firm believer in taking time out for yourself. Yes it is mainly because I have 2 kids. However, even if I did not I still think everyone deserves some quiet time to themselves to do what they love. This book I found in Waterstones when I went in for a quiet walk one Sunday – and I loved it. Honest and raw and so well put together. I have not read all of it yet as it is divided into sections. But it is on my book shelf whenever I need some inspiration, ideas or just a top up of why and how I need a little bit of Self Care.

There is nothing I love more to read then a love / romance novel. It is actually one of my favourites. I love being placed into a romantic situation that makes two people feel that they are the only 2 people in the world. I love the heat, passion, sadness and soulness of it all. I have read a book in a day and would do so every day of the week. This one is amazing and just so easy to read. It comes in a 3 part story segments – so there are 6 main characters but each book is about each individual couple and their story takes the centre stage. I loved it and I am dying to find the last book as I have only read 2 and cannot find the last one.

Lastly, this banger! A little secret is I have always been a little besotted with Lily Allen. I love how she has no care in the world and doesn’t think twice about what people think about her. This book promises all the gory details about her life – living with famous parents, drugs, sex, rock and roll and life of a young pop star who loves fashion, singing and talking shit about her ex boyfriends. I mean who doesn’t want to read her story? This one I have saved for a rainy day, and rainy day I mean a break away from my kids where I can read in the bath all night long and not feel guilty. Anyone else do that?

What are your favourite books? What books would you recommend? Please do comment and share as I am always open for reading suggestions.

Much Love, as always.


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