Another day, another amazing location I have visited with my lovely lads!

I discovered this amazing Manor House from Khillian’s school last year, Hall Place, as we have been there on a few trips. It can be very packed and as we went on a Saturday – just before school started we went early in the day. Hall Place is based very local to me (which is great when getting around with two kids) and it is a lovely place to go if you just want a day out with the family. It is in Bexley and is utterly stunning.

They have a small exhibition on from 5th January to 25th therefore it is on for a long while yet – it is called Mini City. I cannot rave about it enough. I have always wanted to take the kids to KidZania – but it is quite a travel to get to and can get easily swamped. So when I heard about Mini City. I was super excited, I knew the kids would be too.

The City has a great scenarios set out for the kids – so there is something for everyone. Its featured in a hall – with two rooms. So the kids can have a walk around. It got crowded at times, so if you can avoid on a weekend – try too but its great for boys, girls and for all ages maybe even up to 10.

The Police Station was the first place we went into and we stayed there for a long time. It was a BIG hit and the boys loved all the details. It had fake rifles on the wall, all the police equipment including handcuffs, batons, hats, helmets, a jail, papers to book in the robbers and even a police bike with a siren. It was amazing. It was the busy in the station out of all the locations in the Big City.

The Building Site was in the second room and we were greeted with lots of music and children having a blast. You could move lots of pieces around and do lots of building and there were soooo many tools.

Next up was where the music was coming from…yep – – – they even have a Theater! Music was playing loudly and you can sing and dance as much as you want and, there was even a karaoke machine.

The boys had an amazing time. All the kids were loving it. Such a big and great place to take your little ones.

The Doctor’s Surgery was amazing!

There was so much to see and learn – from xrays to whats in their bag, bandages and plasters, a patient’s bed and more. Great for kids who want to see exactly what each occipation is about and what they entail. The Mini City is fun and a great learning experiment for all kids.

There was a Florist Shop which was so beautifully made up with artificial plants, flowers and even a ribbon rail. Very creative.

There was also a salon and I tried to get the boys to go in – but they were more interested in the…


It was so busy that the kids all had to wait to their turn to go in and when they were finished doing their supermarket sweep they had to put it all back for the next little one.

Once all the shopping was done we went for a long walk – Hall Place is big and has beautiful grounds with ducks and birds. So after the muddy walk, hot chocolate and snacks we decided to go home. What a day.

I highly recommend Mini City – you can book online here but if you do that you still need to queue up with everyone else. So you save no time. We decided to queue up anyway was we were not sure how busy it would be. We only waited 15 minutes and maybe not even that.

Enjoy and I would love to know if you went and loved it too!

Much Love

Assuntina X

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