Last weekend I was invited to Maidstone to visit the opening of a new skin and laser clinic called Allure.

They already have a clinic in Erith and opened in Maidstone in the most popular location right on the high street. The staff were so inviting and the clinic was clean and very comfortable as well as being beautifully decorated inside. I was asked what concerns I had about my skin, my beauty regime and what products I use daily. The lady who I spoke to was very polite and sat with me for at least 20 minutes explaining what procedures the salon do, what products they sell and what would be suitable for my skin type.

I have combination skin and tend to always have a oily t-zone. So they also offered me a complimentary treatment – so I said yes and had a skin peel. It sounds scary but it was not painful at all. In fact it was very soothing. But first…I had to stick my head in this machine and have a 3D scan.

When my head was in the machine they took 6/7 pictures all with different lights and they measure under the skin detailing if I have any skin imperfections, skin pigmentation, sun damage etc. I had to take all my makeup off, which of course, I didn’t mind as I wanted the clearest, detailed result possible. I could see my pores and the areas that I suffer with the most. It was so interesting and I learnt so much. For example a hormonal imbalance will always be seen with breakouts on my chin and if you are stressed you will have breakouts on your jawline.

The Allure Clinic also sell these great products Alumiers products – and there is something to suit everyone’s skin. Dry cheeks, under eye problems, wrinkles, oily t-zone, dehydration there is lots.

The skin peel treatment I had was amazing and the lovely lady – Faye – went through all the steps in detail so I could understand what I was having done and why. She explained to me that my skin will not be so greasy after the treatment and it will glow. She was right, it did. I didn’t have to use toner or my acid pads for 7 days. It was such a lovely treat and I loved how my skin felt after. I had no redness, no pain or tenderness after. It was a lovely afternoon being treated but I also learnt lots too.

The clinic is beautiful and I so happy I have two of them close to me. They also offer laser hair removal – which Faye explained was very popular. I don’t blame them I think next time I go back I will definitely start a course of that. She mentioned the Hollywood is a favourite for women. Well hello holidays!!!

Hope you liked this blog post and I would love for you to share and comment and please let me know if you went to the opening and what treatment you had.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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