The thing with the Christmas break is with Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day all the days and weeks blend into one. So we decided to treat the kids to an afternoon out doing something different in a new location. We went to see the Alice in Winterland Lantern Festival in Bermondsey, London.

The great thing about the festival is it open from 3pm till late and you can still buy tickets for up to the 5th January. It was different, it was magical and I highly recommend you go. We booked our tickets for 3pm as we knew the sun will be going down and we didnt want to go home late. Under 3s go for free too. It was the perfect time for us to go as Lorenzo is only 2, and needed a nap beforehand. But for older children I highly recommend booking a later time and really taking in all the lights when it is darker.

The festival is in Southwark Park which is a 10 minute walk from Bermondsey station. Not far for us at all – but as our kids love transport, we decided to treat them and take the train from Kent. 1 hour door to door!

The lanterns were beautifully lit up all over the park – you had to follow the route and whenever you saw a button – press it and it will tell you the story of Alice in Wonderland.

There was interaction for kids and music playing. It was truly a magical experience…

The kids loved it all. They loved the story, the lights, the fact they could run and play and really get to grips with the tale. They loved that they could be part of the story…

By far my favourite bit – meeting the playing cards after we painted the roses red…

The boys loved this bit too as it was spacious and even though it was busy when we entered – people started dispersing and you can go at your own pace. It was amazing!

We finished off the walk / tale by eating dinner at the Mad Hater’s Tea Party with oversized cakes and the tables even had pictures of plates, cutlery and sweet treats! With a funfair near by the kids really were spoilt for choice.

Right in the centre of the park, where the Mad Hater’s Tea Party is located is where all the food stands are. They are either in food vans, vintage shacks or mini cottages. They looked adorable!

I explained to the boys that Bermondsey was my old stopping ground – so this picture was a necessity. Then it was bath and bed with two knackered kids and Mum and Dad.

But it was worth every penny and I highly recommend you go and see it. Its probably the best thing I have seen with my kids. It wasnt busy, the kids ran around and had lots of fresh air, easy to get too and it was beautiful – get your tickets here – before you regret it!

Much love

Assuntina X

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  1. Hello Alice,
    I wish I was paid for these trips but I actually research it, see if my kids are keen and surprise them with a treat.
    I do it to let other parents know of great places to take their kids.
    I dont write so people ‘believe’ in me or what I do. Feel free to not read my blog posts in the future.
    But thanks for the comment.

    Assuntina Fogarty

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