This Easter half term we took a family break to Ireland. I have been a few times before but we have never taken the kids. My husband is Irish and he used to go back home quite often so when he mentioned he wanted to go back with the boys, I couldn’t wait.

Ireland is beautiful – such a great place, friendly people and the views are outstanding. We stayed in a beautiful Air BnB cottage in the Dingle Peninsula, itr was a 25 minute drive from Kerry airport – which is the smallest airport I have been to.

We booked everything in advance and I knew that I wanted to book a Air BnB stay. It didn’t take me long to find this gorgeous cottage. We had a few requirements (I am very precise when we travel with the kids) – parking for the car (we had to hire a car as we had lots of places to visit + kids, pram- which we never used, and 2 suitcases). We also wanted 2/3 bedrooms – this is for space and also so the kids can have their own area to sleep. Crowded holidays are not fun. Another requirement – a kids area to play. This cottage was ideal. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, lounge area (which I was in and loved), 3 bedrooms – forgetting the farm which included sheep, lambs, donkies and a family dog and cat. Bingo win for the kids!

The cottage had a stream which was beautiful and quite away from the cottage so the kids never went near it, it was so calming. This was our front door. We had our own space and were left to our own devices which was lovely.

This little rascal (the cat) greeted it every morning. I think she could smell the food. The kids loved all the animals.

The cottage’s hosts were lovely – Nick and Annie own the land and even told us when the sheep were in labour so the kids were able to see and meet the new baby lambs – which they thought was amazing.

I have used Air BnB in the UK for a day trip but was a little anxious when booking a stay abroad. It was amazing and I would highly recommend. Just like any holiday you have to do your research. If you have a ‘Super Host’ – which basically means they have great location houses, amazing reviews and have been consistent with their guests – you will feel safer and happier with your stay.

We requested a few things for the kids and they were all their when we arrived. We saw the hosts sporadically through our stay, they left us to do our own thing – which was very refreshing. It was a lovely home which we would gladly come back too.

Inside the cottage…

When we went through the cottage we found such lovely little touches. A huge book and DVD shelf that had so many choice to watch for adults and the kids. We watched Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp and saved Fox and the Hound to watch but unfortunately never had the time.

There was a WHOLE box of Lego – which the boys used throughout the whole trip.

Such beautiful decor that we all loved to look at.This floral painting was in the bathroom.

Below are the House Rules…

The boys loved the cottage and had a blast in Ireland. We packed out the days and made sure we did something every day we knew they would love. We also saw family, went to new locations and made new memories – which we all loved. Here are a few of the photos of our trip.

Ireland is beautiful.

We were lucky that the weather got better and better but on our second day it was cloudy so we went to the aquarium. I have to say it was better than the London Aquarium – it has penguins and a butterfly sanctuary and to top it off a cafe and a kids play area with a reading corner and face painting!

The kids met a 5 hour old baby lamb. The mother was amazing and even ate her own placenta (we were told).

All in all – an amazing time!

If you like this blog post stay tuned for the next 2 as I will be blogging how I pack for a holiday away with 2 kids which will include tips and great hacks and also a styling kids blog post too.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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