A couple of years ago my husband told me he didn’t like my Christmas tree decorations. What do you mean? I told him. He doesn’t normally care what colour anything is or style as long as I just give them some warning if I go a little OTT. He said that he didn’t like the coloured lights on the tree or the retro style decorations we have had for 4/5 years.

Ok, I thought, let us change it up. I brought a Norwegian artificial tree from Homebase as it was on offer as I knew he hated the tree too and I wanted something that looked more like a real Christmas tree. Once the tree was brought I started to add on all our old, new and passed over decorations from my mum. As I always steal my favourite decorations from her. They just have so many memories for me and I wanted to pass them over to my kids too. We decided to go for a classsic gold and silver decorated tree – I still have white in there and some ornaments have red and green in them but no colour at all. This is our second year with this theme of decoration.

To be honest I brought all the ‘new’ Christmas decorations in the sale after Christmas and from all my favourite places George, B&M, Homebase, Poundland, New Look, Matalan – anywhere that had items I thought were unique, fun, retro and things my kids would love like robots, animals, nutcrackers and sweets. I also brought lots of stars, classic big baubles and lots and lots of gold chain to hide the big gaps in the trees – and it worked! I so prefer my tree and so does my husband.

Last week Lorenzo and I went to Ruxley Manor, our local Garden Centre and the decorations there were displayed so beautifully I thought I would write a blog post for you to see. Everything looked amazing and gave me lots of inspiration so I thought I would share it all with you.

I told the little man that we were going to look for Father Christmas and we would see a lot of his friends along the way. When we stepped in this is what he saw and he was not disappointed. I love these penguins – especially the silver sequin ones they would look lovely in a porch or outside on the front garden,

This bad boy then stopped us in our tracks. I love a nutcracker as I loved the story when I was little. We have a couple of them standing on our mantelpiece but nowhere near this big. You might have seen the below image on Instagram but we loved these glasses too. So cute and perfect for the festive season, no?

I always make sure I have stand alone Father Christmas’ and always have done since Khillian was a baby. I love that kids go up to them – touch them and play role play with them. Lorenzo is the same and loves hugging and kissing them. When we walked into the Christmas section this is what we were greeted with.

I love this section of the Christmas shop – everything is old skool and very retro. They had a fake Post Office which looked adorable with lots of wooden plaques, acorn decoration and beautifully decorated bells. The below caught my eye…

I spotted a lady who had a whole trolley full of candy canes. They looked so good and they looked so real – they come in many styles and shapes.

There are so many tree decorations to choose from. So if you are looking to decorate your tree in a specific colour like pink, silver red and white. Or maybe you are looking to do a kids retro tree, transport tree, star tree – Ruxley have so many ornaments to choose from. There really have items I have never seen before – like the glitter train, candyfloss, wooden bears and amazing gingerbread men.

There was even a section just on music and it featured a gorgeous black piano in the middle of the room. They had all sorts of ornaments on display – drums, trumpets, violins and more.

This Christmas truck was placed right near all the Christmas trees, I loved it and so did the little man, he wanted to go for a ride. I had to tell him we didn’t have a key – to which he wanted to go and find the key. The next thing was a massive distraction which helped…

They have every nutcracker you can imagine – every style, height and colour.

The last section we saw was this amazing Christmas section – it was full of pink shades, feathers, glitter and so much more. They had mini Pegasus ornaments, swans, pink castles and more. They were so magical.

Then we finally found this man…

Safe to say Lorenzo had a blast and I got lots of inspiration for Christmas too. It was so beautiful in here and I do not know how I left empty handed – – – well apart from my child. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Much Love.

Assuntina X

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