When my friend suggested we go to the Tate for a day out last week, I jumped at the chance. I have not been to the Tate Museum in about 10 years and I forgot just how beautiful, interesting and soooo relaxing it is there. It is a 15 minute walk from London Bridge, so one of the closest museums to me, but you can take the Jubilee line from London Bridge to Soutwark and its less than 5 minute walk from there.

We pre-payed to see the OIafur Eliasson exhibition which was £18 a person – but you can go into the museum for free and see the pieces of art that are showcased over 4 floors. We went around the whole museum after to have a browse and it was amazing.

It was such a beautiful day when we went so taking a stroll through London was so lovely. I have not been into the city for a while. Not only did I not have the kids, but it was so nice to take it all in, relax and read my book on the train. The Tate is right on the river bank so you can go and grab some food after, or go for cocktails and its also a short walk from Borough Market – which is full of amazing and unique spots, shops, food stalls, flower carts and more.

In we go…

The exhibition itself was so interesting and just really amazing to experience. In a nut shell Eliasson is a Danish artist and complied these pieces from 1990 till today. Its a mixture of photography, installations, sculptures and paintings. He uses a mass arrange of materials like moss, glacial melt-water, fog, reflective materials and light. It is all about exploring your senses and that you take memories from what you experience and OH MY GOD he is right. A lot of the rooms we went into I will never forget and you really do think your brain is playing tricks on you. You feel as if you are seeing something move – when you are not. You feel auras, sensations and feel utter calm in a lot of the rooms. It is suitable for adults and kids and I would highly recommend you go to see to it!

This moss wall looks white to the camera – but in real life it looked mint green, while my friend thought it looked yellow. The water wave features made me think of waves as well as the need to go to the toilet – my friend thought it looked a lot like jelly. See it is all about taking from it what your senses pick up. It was really interesting.

Real rain, or installation?

This feature was stunning and so peaceful. In a all black room was water falling from the ceiling as if from a sprinkler – this is the effect you got. It was so serene, I could of easily fallen asleep and when I was looking long enough it felt like images were moving in the water – I saw a phoenix. It was like the scene out of Narnia – in Mrs Tumnus’ cabin with the horses in the fire. That is the best way I can describe it.

The Fog room – If someone was walking 1 metre in front of you you could not see them. You could just about make out the walls and the ceiling but everything else was full of fog. This is a long corridor – I believe 39 metres so we just had to walk straight but what a fun experience.

When coming out of the Fog room we were greeted with beautiful light installations. They all just lit up the whole room.

A whole room with rainbow light projections, all we had to do was stand in front of them and viola.

This room was so intriguing. Everyone started to sit on the floor and to look up at the ceiling which was made up of mirrors and it had a pipe running through the middle. We stayed in this room for a good 10 minutes on the floor and it was so calming and relaxing. There is no music. All your can hear is everyone around you and at times people would nudge you by mistake – but it didn’t matter. This was just so calm and nice. Weird what a smallish room of mirrors (being upside down) can make you feel like.

We actually went through the Fog room twice as we got side tracked with the exit but there was also a water installation with a flash (which we could not have photos of) that was one of my favourites. There is a lot to see in this exhibition and I would highly recommend if you are looking to do something different with your loved ones – especially the kids.

After this exhibition we took a look around the free displays and the pictures were so beautiful and inspiring. This was in the Catherine Opie display. I loved this room. These pictures were all taken inside Elizabeth’s Taylor house in LA. Opie never met her but was allowed access into her home to take this beautiful pictures.

As well as seeing these gorgeous pieces of art we moved onto another room which looked like a tropical library. This installation took up a whole room so 2 full walls of books. It looked sensational. Most of the books had peoples names on them in gold font – and they were all illegal immigrants coming into the UK.

and lastly… I loved this room as it reminded me of my son Khillian. He loves to build and make things – especially robots and I know he would love loved this room the most.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post? Have you recently been to the Tate? I would love to know what you thought.

Much Love.

Assuntina X

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