I love, love, love going to new places and finding new things to do, especially with my family. This weekend I had planned for a long time. I actually wanted to take the kids to Whitstable and had some great locations planned out and pinned. However, I couldn’t find any good recommendations for anywhere for the kids to take a break, sit down and play and for my husband and I to chill and smell the salty sea air. Until I found Beach Huts for Hire and I was hooked on finding the right one and exactly what I wanted. 

When we arrived, after a 50 minute drive – we parked right on this hill to stop and look at the beautiful colourful huts. The boys were spotting boats, people kayaking, windsurfing. There was so much to see. We then walked a short 5 minute walk to our hut.  

Each hut is painted a different colour and they are truly beautiful…

The beach is a pebble beach, which I loved as my kids are obsessed with picking and playing with rocks, especially my eldest. We took a load of them home and some beautiful seashells too – which we have big plans for. 

This was our hut, the yellow one. When I booked it the lovely owner messaged me back later that night and said it was cheaper on AirBnB – I admired her honesty and she sent me the link. Including the booking fee we paid £35 for the whole day so 9am – 9pm. 

It was 25 degrees when we went and by the hut was a beautiful cool breeze. This was our view. It was magical. Inside the hut it was decorated with cute bunting and there was also a small battery operated cooker and kettle, coffee, sugar, powdered milk, 2 small tables, 4 chairs, lots of buckets, wine glasses, a shade curtain for privacy and lots of towels. 

Our hut was adorable and perfect for a family of four (well with 2 kids) – the boys stayed out on the pebbles for the whole day

We soon ventured out and started looking at all the artwork the huts had to offer, there was about 50 of them. This one was my kid’s favourite. (And mine too). 

Herne bay is beautiful. It wasn’t too packed and the parking was so easy. We found a space straight away and there was lots available too. We arrived at lunch and thought it would be packed, but surprisingly it was perfect. There was a lot to do too – something for the whole family. After taking a dip in the ocean we went to the Pier and Arcade Park. 

The views were so lovely. Flowers, flowers and more flowers, candy coloured houses and retro arcades (which I loved)

Yes, make sure you bring lots of change…Food may be well priced but we spent a lot of ours on rides and games for the boys. 


Once I saw this Tarot Reader – I had to give him a go…and I was pleased with the results. 


Onto the Pier – there was crab fishing (we tried but wasn’t successful) but so many people were trying. I think it was the time of the day and all the crabs had been caught and fed. Lots of shop shacks (dream catchers, face painting) fish and chips, fun fair shops, sweets and even a Reggae DJ in the middle, which everyone loved. 

The kids went on a bouncy castle right on the Pier edge so every time they jumped they could see the sea, there was a carousel which we all went on and so much more. It really is a great location to go to if you have small ones and don’t want to travel too far. There is enough for them to do and they will not feel too overwhelmed. 

We did want to go on the Helter Skelter but by this point it was time to go home…

This was the view from the Pier. 

On the walk home, which was breathtaking we discussed coming again and maybe hiring a bigger hut so we could do a BBQ on the beach (which you can do). I was adamant on getting a pink hut – my son wants the same one as he liked it so much. 

What is there not to love about a day at the seaside?

Hope you loved it, just as much as us!

Much Love


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