I have secretly been researching for a couple of months – looking for amazing, affordable skincare, beauty and essential products that I can use when I am super busy and ready to rock and roll out of the door. I could have placed them on my social media and stories but then in a few weeks or months time when I wanted to remember them or even share them I wouldn’t be able to. So I knew I wanted to save them for this blog post.

These products I use daily, some more then once and I LOVE them and could not live without them. Here we go…

First item to talk about is the Kalme Chameleon Concealer. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it works and the best thing is it works instantly. I got severe sunburn on my cheekbones when I was a young teenager and always worry about my cheeks in the summer but it also left with my a mild case of rosacea. This product is amazing and what I love about it most is it works within 8 seconds of you putting it on. It is £20 and you can buy from SkinShop. You apply it like a moisutriser on the specified areas and voila your skin will turn into its natural skin tone and no longer be red. It is also great for combating spots and covering uneven skin tone without leaving your skin oily. Its a blessing. It also has a SPF of 20. So when I am having a no make up day on the school run, I only put this on. My skin doesn’t look odd or red. It is soft, a great colour and feels amazing. I feel really confident with this on.

Number two is the Zoella Botanica’Eau spritz. This bottle smells so fresh and not too sweet. I wear perfume every day but this is something I spray when I am going to the gym and know I will be showering after and need a little spritz. It has lasted me so long – it is such a feminine yet strong smell and its only £8 from Superdrug. I use this body mist as my favourite perfume is very expensive so I don’t like to waste it. But….this is quickly becoming my favourite scent. Great for mums. Leave it in your gym bag, baby bag and you will smell amazing without having to spend all your pennies on it.

My third product is a new one for me – and I got it as its a great product for the whole family so I brought it when we went to Ireland and will bring on all my upcoming trips with the kids. Its from Balmonds and is called Skin Salvation. It is 100% natural and is great for grazes, skin irritations, itching, burns. chaffing, dry skin. Everything and anything and perfect for kids also. It literally saves the skin from any harm. Its like the product that does a million things and I love that. Pack it and prepare for the holidays. The only thing I am not liking about this product is that I wish it smelt a little more like a tropical holiday.

Some of you might or might not know I have recently dyed my hair blonde and one of things I worried about was the texture and health of it – I have always used Frizz Ease since I was a teenager but just stopped due to being a knackered mum and wanting to go to bed at 9pm. However, since I have started using it again I notice how soft and manageable my hair is at night and even when I wake up first thing. Sometimes I don’t even have to brush it. I style it and add a clip and go. It is amazing. I only use 2 small pumps run into my fingertips and place all over my ends and slowly go up (but not too high). Product number 4 is great for mums who like to wash their hair and leave it wet – maybe in a plait in the morning your hair will be in beautiful beach waves.

My lifesaver product is the same as any other woman’s – – – – a kirby grip. Number 5 on the list is something I brought today as I needed them in the shade of my new hair colour. £1 from Primark and you cannot go wrong with them. Great for bath time, when you are doing your make up on the train or even just to make a boring hairstyle cool and trendy. They come in a little box so you will not loose them, like I always do!

Now lucky number 6 I have to be honest about. I have not used it yet but MY GOD I cannot wait as I have read and seen such great reviews on it and beware once you google it you will be hooked too. It is the most expensive beauty product I have brought the It Cosmetics CC Cream, £31, and I hope the best one ever.

You can only buy from Boots, and ideally a big one, it is a tinted moisturiser (which I love especially for the school runs) but it has a SPF of 40, amazing coverage, great for covering wrinkles, gives your skin a healthy glow and comes in 3 types – normal, illumination and matte finish. As I have an oily t-zone I picked this one. It has been tested when sweaty and wet and doesn’t budge!!! I will keep you updated with it but I have seen it everywhere and could not wait to try. It comes in a 30ml bottle, so just like a normal foundation but will keep your face hydrated, bronzed and oil free. Sign me up!

Number 7 is something that is so simple and I stopped using it when I poked myself in the eye at 16 but they are sooooo good. Eyelash curlers. I brought these from Amazon and they came with a little pouch and spare black pads for when you have used up your current one. I make sure I get all my lashes in hold for 10 seconds add a thin coat of mascara and then curl them again for another 10 seconds. Instantly lifted and curled lashes and no need for heater appliances, fake lashes, lash extensions. Just curl and get ready to go.

Finally number 8 and 9. Some great make up products – the Revolution make up collection is amazing. So affordable and can be brought in Boots and Superdrug. The concealer – Conceal and Define – comes with a thick application stick and is just out of this world. You only need a little bit and I always add under my eye, around and nose and on any blemishes but it is the best! Just what every mother needs after a horrendous night sleep!

Lastly – this is so cleaver and I recognised it from the Clarins make up collection that I have seen a few of the Beauty Magazine Editors use on social media. So when I spotted it I had to try. Its the I Heart Revolution Multi Liner. Its like the 4 in 1 pens you had at school. You have 4 liners that all retract. One lip liner and three eyeliners and you just click and choose which one you want. The eye liner shades are black, brown and nude and the lip liner is a nude pink. They glide on so smooth, I was shocked and you can simplly bring in your make up bag and saves you bringing so many items with you to work. Such a clever idea and comes in 2 colour variations and only £5! You are welcome.

I hope you love this blog and I would love to see your comments on the beauty products you cannot live without if you are a mum. Please do comment below.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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