This time last year I was in a rut.

A rut with everything – I just finished a busy contract and decided to hold off with any PR work, Khillian was thriving at school and Lorenzo was coming into his own. It was me that was struggling. I was not sure if I was coming or going. I was uncertain of what I wanted to do with my career, panicking about everything which always leads me to eat. I piled on more weight and was starting to loose confidence. Not a great start when there was the lead up to Christmas – social gatherings, family events and parties right round the corner. So what I did this time last year was a yearly planner of goals and achievements and looking back it really worked as it helped me get where I am today.

Here are the boys this time last year. What a difference 365 days makes.

Instead of waiting for the Christmas come down and the New Year hype I highly recommend a few things to help you with your New Year, Always Amazing you. I don’t believe in a New Year, New You as you should always thrive to be the best you can be always not just after the festive season. So here are some tips that worked for me.

  1. Get those Resolutions Ready – Go into your phone – In the Pages app and open up a new poster. This is what I do every year. I would love to show you my past ones (I have 4) but I like to keep some things private. I add in my favourite pictures of my family, friends and myself and then I add the 4/5 resolutions I want to keep to for the year. And they can be so simple like ‘Start a hobby’, ‘Learn to cook’. When I am finished I always print a copy off (A4) and stick to the back of my diary and then I save it on my phone. The purpose of it is like a check list. In the middle of the year I go back to it and see how I am doing and it works as a great incentive when you are feeling down too. The great thing about having it on my phone is as the years pass I can look back and see what I have accomplished and what I have not. Visuals work better for a lot of people, espcially me so this is the first thing I always do when is comes to preparing for the New Year.
  2. Start your Goals now – Think about it, if you start in the New Year the pressure is just too much. You see it everywhere – on social media, in magazines, online and speaking to mums on the school run. If you want to get fit – do it now, if you want to learn to drive, start now, if you want to get a new job, start sending out CVs. Do not wait for January as you will feel grey, disappointed and very down as this tends to happen to a lot of us after Christmas. If you start now you will have a head start and feel so much better come January as your goal will be achievable and even successful by then.

This was me, this time last year. We just went to Barcelona for our 3rd wedding anniversary and I was feeling low and just crap due to weight gain and uncertainty of my career.

3. Do not be scared – It is easier said then done, but think about it do you want to live knowing the unknown? All those what ifs? Why did I not do that last year? What took me so long to do that? Why did I not do it months ago? The only thing we waste is time. We do not have enough of it, so if you have a plan or idea start it right away as time is always running out. It is always better saying you tried something and it didn’t work out rather than never trying it at all.

4. Prepare yourself that Christmas will be hard. Stick with your plan – Think about it. If you are trying to quit smoking you might find it hard around Christmas time. All the parties and social events you have planned. However, by beginning of Jan when everyone is trying to quit smoking you have already done 4-6 weeks of it and over the hardest part. This is the time to set your goals and get the ball rolling because after Christmas the come down is hard and effects us all more than we know.

This was us in matching Christmas PJs last year.

5. Try doing it with a friend – Lets say your plan is to get your life in order and be more organised. Why not try doing it with a close friend or relative? Set up a new whats app group, give yourself a date to get everything done by, set reminders and alarms. By Christmas time your friends will be surprised you have remembered everything and are on time etc. What I am trying to say is you will benefit from starting early.

6. Make resolutions that are plausible – there is no point saying you want to get a new job by Feb as this might not happen and it will be difficult. Leaving you sadden and upset. Make sure you are realistic and set goals that you can reach. It is all about taking little steps. Slowly does it.

7. Make sure you set goals – Not everyone believes in New Years Resolution and those are the people that are probably the saddest, most depressed, down and just plain miserable! Everyone should set themselves goals – big or small as it just encourages you to do more and do better. Just setting yourself 1/2 goals for the year will make you feel positive and do more things. You just have to try it.


8. Have fun with it! What is the point in making New Years Resolutions if you are bored and hate them? Pick ones you want to tackle and learn from but most importantly the ones you want to enjoy the journey with. This week I will be writing my new years resolutions. I hope this blog encourages you to do the same.

Good luck. Much Love.

Assuntina X

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