Whether you have kids, are a blended family or just newly married. All couples need a date night.

Now I have 2 kids and have been with my husband (in total) for nearly 15 years and I know at least once a month we need a date night. We have gone out in the day time and Day Dates are great too as you get to go outside in the sunshine or have a boozy lunch but the evenings are better for us, as we don’t have to rush back and you get the night to yourself as well as a lie in, in the morning.

So I thought I would give you some great places to go to for a date night. Some I have been to and the others we plan to go to very soon. If you have been to any of the below please do let me know as the more feedback I get the better. All pictures have been take from Google – not by me just an FYI.

  1. A Meal at Baring Hall Hotel – Grove Park – London

We used to live round the corner from this pub / restaurant. It had a fire years ago and they restored it but left some of the damage as decoration. I loved it the moment I saw it, we used to eat in here every date night. The decor is beautiful and the food is even better. Then we would roll all the way home. The prices for food is really substantial, they have pub quiz night and serve a great roast on a Sunday and it is right opposite the Grove Park train station – which is fortunate as there is not really any parking nearby. At Christmas they put in a really beautiful and OTT Christmas tree with fairy lights all over the dining room – it is beautiful.

2. Cocktail at The Pound– Canterbury

I discovered this place when I was trying to book something adventurous and fun for Valentine’s Day. We wanted to eat somewhere new and I kept coming back to the idea of The Pound. It is all about history as you can eat and drink in the old Kent prison cells in Canterbury. It looks amazing and the cells are just so unique and the decor is on another level. The prices are a little bit more expensive so maybe save for a special occasion. I have been told that the cocktails are AMAZING here. They have just opened but the new Parade Room which is perfect for big family gatherings and parties. This is the next one on my list!

3. Luna Outdoor Cinema – All Over London and Kent

We came to the Luna Cinema experience with the kids (have a read of the blog post here). but they also showcase films all over the UK throughout the summer. We can go to Kent and London showings but have a look at their website to see which grounds are closer to you. The experience for us, was amazing. The selection of films they show are endless with classics like Grease and Mamma Mia to more recent hits like A Star is Born and The Greatest Showman and even unique and really great choices like Harry Potter. You can sit outside in the fresh air with as much food, drink and booze as you want and just enjoy a good film either on rugs, beanbags and even deck chairs. Grab your tickets as after the summer the experiences get a little quiet due to the weather.

4. Have a Magic Night out at Houdini’s Bar – Canterbury

We walked by this black and very dark bar a few times and said ‘We had to go in here soon’ – Then I saw people all over Facebook saying just how amazing it is. If you are in the area and fancy a drink and going with the flow this is a great date night adventure. There is one in Broadstairs too but its all about amazing drinks, magicians and even the bartenders have a few tricks up their sleeves. Looking for something different? This is it!

5. A Long Walk on the Folkestone Harbour Arm – Kent

I have been waiting months for this place to open up again. Khillian always said he wanted to go to see a lighthouse and when I discovered this place online it was closed. Now newly open it is the perfect place to go to in the day with the kids but even better in the evening with just you and your partner.

So many places to dine at and stock up on lots of gelato. Not forgetting you can eat fresh fish right on the bay, amazing Greek food on a bright blue bus with a gorgeous sea view, relax in the best pizza place I have even seen that has chandelier dreams all over the ceiling and finish off with at a bubbly champagne bar.

6. Have a sandae at Creams – Bexleyheath

They do not only do sundaes. They do everything. All the ice-cream you can think of, waffles, crepes, milkshakes and more. You can also find them everywhere this is just our local branch. We tend to go after we have had a meal nearby because we know just how good their selection is – they even have a vegan menu now.

7. A game of Crazy Golf at Puttshack – Lakeside

What more could you ask for? Something fun, different, gets you out of the house, you won’t talk about the kids, you can drink, eat, play and even meet up with your mates later. A great idea and fairly new. I love this place and found out about it when my family member wanted to go crazy golf in London. I googled nearer locations. Everything is all modernised with traceable balls and score sheets made digital – perfect for those who cheat. It is another one on my to do list.

You are welcome!

Now there are lots more I could write about but it would take me all summer. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them and please do make sure you book in those date nights – I mean we are in the 6 weeks holidays and us mammas already need a break.

Much Love

Assuntina X

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