I know what you are thinking. Why am I talking about New Year when we haven’t even soaked up Christmas yet? Some have not even done their Christmas shopping and when thinking about party dressing, the outfits have not even been picked out. 

The reason I think it’s the perfect time is because around Christmas time you do, and you should, enjoy time with friends and family. Enjoying your time off, relaxing with the kids etc. You do not want to worry about goals, lists, organising your future career etc. So I am saying what is wrong with pre-planning just a few weeks before?

I think if you believe something is broken or not working in your life in October, May or whatever other month – you should learn to fix it then. January is a gloomy, grey and very boring month as there is a big come down after Christmas. Everyone has less money, feel grubby and full, have to wait an extra 2 weeks for pay day, the days are darker and the mornings are colder. But I thought I would help you to make it all a little brighter. I personally don’t find January that bad as it is my birthday and I also have a lot of friends and family’s birthday included in this month too – so it’s actually a busy month for me keeping me on my toes. Before I know it I am planning Easter. 

Here are some tips to help you think about what you want to do in the New Year…it could be to help yourself be a better person, a happy being or maybe you just fancy a change. 

A weekend away – I know what you are thinking. You have no money?! But looking at sites like Last Minute.com, Wowcher and even Air BandB you can find amazing city breaks, cottages and even family summer breaks on such a great budget. If you are looking for a quick trip away – January is one of the best months to do it in. There are so many places to visit and we have ticked a lot off our list but I also find every year my list gets longer. There is nothing better than booking a flight, packing a bag and starting an adventure with the ones you adore. 



Dear Diary – Get the calendar out and see what you have booked in for the year ahead.

Facts show that if you have something to look forward to time really does fly. Especially when you have children it is nice when you have party to look forward to, or a family break, or even just a night in, or girls night out. Get the calendar out and start booking everything in. What will you do for your birthday? Valentine’s meal out, what about half term visiting family, summer staycation and so on. Once you have one thing booked in every month – you will see the year will zoom past. 

You will enjoy the months more, have more things to be excited about and this will result in you being happy!

Print out your goals and aspirations – I have had so many goals, ideas, aspirations and dreams over the years. From starting a new home with a boy, to my babies, going freelance, discovering what to do, weight problems, girl issues and so much more. Every year around Christmas I print out a A4 sheet with my favourite pictures and underneath I note down my goals for the year.

I would not say ‘New Years Resolutions’ but just small things to remind me of what I love along with what I want to achieve. I print a few copies out and place them in my diary, journal, room etc. Just something to keep me focused and the pictures really help too and always make me smile. This is easily done on your phone with the PAGES app and all you need to do is Create Document.Oh so simple. 





Selfcare is essential – This is an important one and a great one for all the mums out there.

I have only just figured this out but it is true that for your kids, your loved ones and for your family to all be happy – it is you that has to be happy first. I have, on many occasions worked myself to the ground, not washed my hair for days, not returned calls and messages and not rested all because I had to do something ‘important’ for the school, drive for hours to collect something, clean the house when all I wanted to do is to have a bath in the day time.

If you want to sit and read, do it! Have a nap, stay in your PJs all of Monday, get your nails done. It’s these little treasures that make you happy and in favour – everyone will then be happy. To make 2019 a happy and delightful one you have to take time out for yourself. It can be something big like a girls weekend away, or just an hour to yourself. You will feel amazing after. Trust me!

Be positive – It may be something you hear all the time with fancy quotes from Instagram and Pinterest- but it is true that if you want good things to happen in any area of your life you need to be positive. Seeing that there has been something good happening in every day, really can make you feel a lot better by 10pm. It could be anything like your little one napped by herself, you got that job you have been chasing for months, your husband cooked you dinner. These little things all add up and can make a clearer and very big happy picture. You just need to stick with it and remember that we do not know what happens behind closed doors – we all need to be kinder. 


Don’t bloody stress it – You have to remember there are like 8 billion people in the world. No two are the same!

If your friends or loved ones have reached an amazing milestone in their lives and you have not, do not stress about it. Everything comes in moderation and your time will come you just have to hold on and and enjoy the ride. Everything really does happen for a reason and even though you plan and plan you cannot control what life throws at you. All you can do is hope for the best, be positive and enjoy every day. If you stress about the most tiniest things you will not enjoy anything. 

These are only a few ideas but they are what I stick with at this time of the year to help me when I am feeling blue and stuck at home on those cold Winter nights – wishing for next Christmas. You do not need to plan a big diet, life cull, cut out everything bad out and start your cooking lessons…

…You simply have to take life by the balls and bloody enjoy it. I indeed to. 

Much love

Assuntina XXX

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