At the moment I am having problems sleeping. It has been since Christmas and I have tried everything. Slowly and surely I am getting there but I think a lot of it is to with diet, dehydration and a busy ticking mind.

Therefore, I thought I would share some tips on what I have done to help me sleep at night. Trust me, I have tried a lot. I think over a certain period and by trying a few of this tips at a time you too can ease into a lovely deep sleep.

Yes, this is indeed my bed side table. When we brought the house I knew I wanted storage, yet something unique and fun. The cabinet is from Ikea and a used wallpaper and covered the top of it. Took 10 minutes and so far has lasted over 2 years. What is great is that if we want to change the design we easily can.

Anyway – back to sleep. Here are some of my tips…

  1. No phone! I try and really do. But due to work and planning child care, speaking to friends and family etc – I can easily get distracted and stay on my phone till late. So I make sure I use my phone downstairs and once I go upstairs I charge it and leave it. The blue light from the screen can make your brain over act and affect your eye shutter. Leave your phone in another room, on the floor or just away from you. It’s for the best.
  2. Read a book before bed. Even a chapter a night. It will make you sleepy, your brain falls asleep quicker and if it is a good book you will dream great dreams. Reading is a big distraction for me and I try to read more when I am stressed – so before bed is just perfect timing.

3. One thing which I cannot change is my husband has to sleep with the TV on. Another distraction for me. So at desperate times I place an eye mask on. I have had this one for years – and the best ones are actually satin as they help with puffy and tired eyes.

4. This purchase has always been my favourite. A few years ago I read up on Himalayan salt lamps. I brought one from Amazon for £20 on offer. It glows a pinky red at night and when switched on it reacts to the ions in the air and helps with stress, it improves concentration, they also sooth allergies boost your mood and help you sleep. Bingo! It is best to leave it on for a while and place it next to something electrical – phone, baby monitor etc. You can now buy Himalayan salt tea light holders and they are lovely.

5. Another great tip is a product I have heard about a lot and got brought for my birthday – This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. You can buy the collection from Marks and Spencer’s. You place a few spritz on your pillow before bed and it is meant to help you sleep deeper and fall asleep quicker. It smells lovely and has helped these past few days.

6. I read a few months back that taking Magnesium tablets really help before bed as they help to relax your muscles and fall into a early and lovely daze, resulting in good sleep. I take 2 tablets just before bed and pray they work.

7. I have always kept a diary or notebook near my bed since I was a teenager and this one was brought by my husband the first Christmas we were married. Whenever I have an idea, a dream, a list of some sort in my head I write it down so I never forget it. A great tip to help you empty your mind before bed.

8. Not one for all but yes I believe and love crystals. I have them all over my house and even in the boy’s rooms too to help them sleep – I brought them Amethyst crystals that they sleep with under their pillows – helps them fall into a deep sleep, brings healing energy to their dreams and tunes their brain waves to the energy of calm. I now have Rose Quartz which helps with healing, loving, self care and letting go of bad energy. We charge them at night by the full moon or in the day when the sun is high and bright.

Every little helps. Especially with kids.

9. Try and exercise and drink of lots of water. A little silly but the more you work your body in the day time the more tired you will feel at night. A good long walk, a swim, Pilates class. Anything you can to make sure you get those 10,000 steps in.

10. Relax and look after yourself. If you are negative, feel like crap, eat crap and are having a rubbish week your sleep does get affected. Have a hot bubble bath, read a book, don’t argue with your loved ones and have an early night. You will find you will sleep easier.

Try it…I would love to hear your thoughts and tips on sleep. Night night.

Assuntina x

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