How can I help?

I have over 15 years of fashion experience, this includes retail, styling and PR. 

I have worked with many agencies PRing high street, online, niche and also designer brands. I offer different services to help businesses strive and achieve ultimate success – whether it be to boost social media likes and followers, product placement, introducing new collaborations, celebrity gifting, engaging with influencers, organising pop up shops and more. 

Social Media is a platform I also succeed in – I creative content, schedule posts and maximize the client’s tools so that their brand can be seen and heard by as many people as possible on Facebook, Instagram, Twiiter and Pinterest.

Whatever the client wants – I always try my best to do. I work as a Freelancer which has many benefits. I work around my timetable, but also yours, and I am on projects for different lengths of time. Whatever you need, I am sure I can help you with. 

Every client requires something different – that is when a Freelance is a great attribute, as I work around what you need and how quickly you need it.